Let’s give this a try

While my daughters and I were in the city, my darling husband finally got through to our internet provider and had a little chat with them. We had internet soon after. The problem is still not solved, though. It's just a make-do until a tech comes out to check the secondary account's satellite disk. When … Continue reading Let’s give this a try

Mead Baby 2.0: boosting fermentation

For those who have recently started to follow this blog (welcome!), here are the previous posts about our second attempt to make mead. All links should open in new tabs, so you won't lose track of this page. 🙂 Mead Baby, redux (includes links to our first attempt)Mead Baby 2.0: - active fermentation- it's a … Continue reading Mead Baby 2.0: boosting fermentation

Fail, times three!

I've posted about our first time tries at making several fermented products. There was the mead, small batches of plain sauerkraut and a probiotic sauerkraut/fermented vegetables version. Plus, there was the crabapple cider vinegar I posted progress on recently. (all of these links will open in new tabs) The jars of sauerkraut and cider are … Continue reading Fail, times three!