Let’s give this a try

While my daughters and I were in the city, my darling husband finally got through to our internet provider and had a little chat with them.

We had internet soon after.

The problem is still not solved, though. It’s just a make-do until a tech comes out to check the secondary account’s satellite disk.

When they first brought this up with my husband, they said it would cost us $125, just to have someone come out.

By the time he was done with them, that fee was waived!

Also, we are back to using our primary account for now, and we will NOT be charged double the price per gig. However, anything we do use is that much more on our bill, so we will be rationing our data for a lot of things.

While we do have a signal with this dish, it is not the same as it was, before all these problems started, just a few days ago. Data transfer speeds are insanely slow, and it can take several attempts just to get a web page to load. WordPress has always been troublesome, but it took me about 8 minutes just to get the editor loaded so I could write this post!

Still, it should mean I can catch up on posts with images. I always resize the images into smaller file sizes, so they don’t take up much data. The following photos all uploaded faster than I could get the editor to load!

So these go back a couple of days. 🙂

In the last while, we have been regularly putting the kittens and Beep Beep in the basement for the night, then my husband is usually the one who opens the door for them in the mornings. So we still have cat food both upstairs and down.

The cats, of course, always act as though they’re starving, even though there’s plenty of food in the upstairs bowls. What they’re really begging for is wet cat food, and they get that only once a day. The dry kibble is always available.

Since the adults cats now go into the basement regularly, they’re also going for the kittens’ food bowls, so I added larger tin, so that the kittens could still get at some.

Just look at those buggers! They’re crowing around the smaller containers, like they haven’t eaten in a week!

We have been mixing kitten kibble in with the adult kibble. I think the adult cats like the kitten kibble better! 😀

While I was tending to the kitties that day, it was also the day to check the temperature and humidity in the root cellar. While there, I noticed something I had forgotten about.

The two bottles of our most recent batch of mead!

We were supposed to taste test a bottle after different lengths of time. One of them was supposed to be opened up on my birthday. I completely forgot about it!

At some point, I’ll grab one and bring it up for a taste test. 🙂

While checking the garden plots, I discovered something unfortunate.

All three beds of beets had quite a lot of their greens missing. It seems we had a deer visiting! She especially seemed to like this Baldor variety.

In the squash bed, I had a more pleasant surprise.

The largest squash plants that I thought were green zucchini turned out to be…

… sunburst squash!

From the number of buds we’re seeing, it looks like we’ll have quite a lot of them over the summer, too. 🙂

I had one last surprise that morning.

While checking the usual spots for fallen branches, I went by the fire pit, which hasn’t been used in over a year. I noticed the skunks had been digging in the dirt, right beside it, and something in the dirt caught my eye.

That white you see?

That’s a glazed brick. One of the many we have all over the place.

Looking around at other spots the skunks had dug up, I saw signs of more.

The fire pit has a ring of bricks around it, completely buried.

It must have taken years for them to be covered by that much soil!

With no fire bans right now, we can actually use our fire pit, and uncovering the bricks will be a good thing to get done, too.

I am really looking forward to being able to do cook outs again!

The Re-Farmer

9 thoughts on “Let’s give this a try

  1. Too dry to do any fires here, but they say some rain is on the way. My “Sunburst” squash turned out to be a zucchini! I had to laugh when I read your reverse. There have been some interesting things in the seed packets this year!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hope you get that rain!

      We had 2 years of drought, but the first year, we could at least use fire pits and burn barrels. Last year, nothing was allowed at all. What a difference this year!

      Too funny about your squash! 😀

      One thing about our starter trays getting knocked over; everything is now a surprise! 😀


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