Critter of the Day: colour on a dreary day

The redpolls can really make a splash on an overcast day. Just look at those little claws, grasping the lilac twigs. They do seem to like those uppermost perches!

A few more steps forward, and today’s critters

Well, I got a couple of things accomplished to move us forward today.  This morning, I had a consultation with my lawyer about the Co-op situation.  I've been consulting with a lawyer about their actions against me for some time, but I really thought that would be over with, now that we're no longer living … Continue reading A few more steps forward, and today’s critters

And now for something more pleasant

Critter pictures.  Great for de-stressing. I didn't get any photos of deer today.  In fact, the only time I saw them was when I scared them off, returning from one of my outings today.  I just caught the sight of a flashing white tail, disappearing around the house. My husband sees them more, when the … Continue reading And now for something more pleasant

This Morning’s Critter Visitors

We are going to have to rethink how our living room is laid out again.  A bit of adjusting to better suit my husband's needs, and a bit more shifting around.  Our big picture window is currently blocked off completely, and I'd like to open it up again. Then promptly block it again.  With a … Continue reading This Morning’s Critter Visitors