This Morning’s Critter Visitors

We are going to have to rethink how our living room is laid out again.  A bit of adjusting to better suit my husband’s needs, and a bit more shifting around.  Our big picture window is currently blocked off completely, and I’d like to open it up again.

Then promptly block it again.  With a tripod. 😀

We had many chickadees, as usual, and a third squirrel has joined the two we usually see.  Then we got this crowd.


I have been able to find our copy of A Field Guide to the Birds of North America, and was able to identify them as chipping sparrows. [correction: these are redpolls, which were not in my book at all.  We get chipping sparrows in the summer.]

Then our beautiful lady came to visit again.  We first saw her going through the spruce grove some distance away, but she came back for a quick feed.

What a beauty!

We have a pair of blue jays that regularly visit – likely a mated pair.  One of them hung out in the spruces for a while.


I just love their colouring.  They’ve always been one of my favourite birds.




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