Birds, Birds, Birds!

Well, today has definitely been a day of the birds!

From what I’ve been able to find, the “new” birds are dark eyed juncos.  They would be returning from overwintering elsewhere.  There were only a few yesterday, but today, there was tonnes! I now realize that we did see them last year.  I had just not been able to look at them so closely at the time.  But I definitely remember seeing this…

(I don’t know why the video quality is so bad after uploading it to YouTube!)

There were masses of juncos and redpolls swooping in and out, with many, many bounces off the windows.  Even the dining room window was getting hits.


We are starting to see a lot more of the male redpolls now, too.


Of course, all that activity attracted a watcher…

Trüllbus wasn’t able to do much more than watch from the lilac bush, though! LOL


Love how my daughter caught this redpoll, peeking at her through the twigs.  He looks angry! 😀


From what I could find, there is quite a variety of juncos, but it does look like these are dark eye juncos, and the lighter coloured ones are the females.  The one in the photo above would be a male.

At one point, as I stood near the window, something startled them and the whole flock took off.  Three or four of them bounced off the window, right in front of me.  After they were gone, I realized that one had been left behind.


At first, from inside the house, I wasn’t even sure if was a bird or if it was some darker foliage.  After a while, though, I could see the beak.  Ever so slowly, the beak opened, and stayed open.  Eventually, I decided to go out and check on it.  When I got close, it was aware enough to watch me, and even start to move a bit.  I was able to pick it up, though, and then it flew away from my hand.  No injuries.

Besides the birds, some deer did make a showing when my husband was up bright and early, but I have not seen any since.  I’m hoping some will show up this evening.

The Re-Farmer

6 thoughts on “Birds, Birds, Birds!

  1. Oh, the YouTube playback quality change. Click on the gear icon at the lower right corner of the playback window and then, if needed, “quality”. If auto is checked, then YouTube servers can measure the connection speed, and reduce the quality of the playback in an effort to eliminate the buffering pauses.

    Or, if a fixed quality setting is checked, then that’s the quality you get…higher numbers are higher quality. But, if you choose too high a quality setting for your connection speed, then you’ll get the pauses.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much! I didn’t even think of checking there; I was trying to find somewhere in the video manager that set video quality. When I upload them, I never see it as an option, though I remember being able to select video quality in the past (more than a few years ago!).

      I just checked on the viewing window and it was set to auto. When you view it, how does the quality appear to you? Now I’m thinking, because of our satellite internet and slower connection speeds, I’m seeing the video at lower quality than others.

      I’ve just tried increasing the video quality, and it won’t even load for me! The static image already looks better, though. LOL


      • i, too, am in a digital dead zone…2Mbit/sec down is the best I can do. When I click on your video and leave the setting set at “auto”, I end up with 360p. At 360p the markings on the wings are “not there”. If I go to 1024p, the wing markings show up nicely, but takes “forever” (actually about a minute) to start and each 10-15 seconds has 5-6 seconds of buffering time.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks again. That explains a lot. On auto, the first time I checked, mine was at 240p. I looked at it again just now, and it is at 144p, and just a blurry mess. I can hardly tell the birds from the leaves. Meanwhile, I’ve recently changed my phone’s settings to the highest video quality it can record on. I thought something was going wrong in the upload. Never even thought the player would automatically adjust the quality.


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