After our vehicle troubles yesterday, I’d intended to stay close to him today.  I had to go to the post office before noon, and that was the only thing on my list that required driving.

I ended up out three times today, first to pick up the mail, next to pick up prescriptions, and finally to get a few more groceries.  I tried a different town this time; one I haven’t been to in probably 2 decades.  It’s a half hour drive away, and I was hoping it would be more of a stocking up sort of place.  I was wrong.  Ah, well.  Live and learn.  It did give me a chance to test the vehicle out – and be totally paranoid, constantly checking the gauges and the heat, and listening for any unusual noises.

No signs of any leaks.  I checked under the van in the garage, to see if there was a sign of puddling that I’d missed before, but the ground (the garage is just over packed dirt) has had so many spills over the years, I couldn’t tell if what I did see was old or new.  Since I was in and out so many times, though, I could compare from within the day, and there is no sign of any leaks.

Of course, I’m still going to be paranoid!

For now, I get to share adorable photos with you.  I give you…

Sleepy kitties!

Nasty Crime Boy was back in what seems to be a favourite spot, causing us to spontaneously melt into puddles of awwwwwww….


Then Trülbus the Crime Eater joined him, for double awwwwww….

I even got some bird pictures today; here is one of them.


They seem to like the new feed, too. 🙂

They also were completely ignored by the sunning cats. 😀

We haven’t been seeing the grosbeaks for a while now.  They seem to disappear for a while, then come back in droves.

When getting the mail, I picked up some more of the previous deer feed, that’s mostly sunflower seeds.  I plan to mix them about half and half for the next while.  That way, there will be a wider variety of seeds for the critters.

There are deer pictures for today, too.  So many have me laughing out loud!  I will share some of those in a separate post, once I’m done resizing them.

The Re-Farmer

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