Happy kitties, not so happy washing machine, and awesome customer service

I’m happy to say the kibble shelter set up seems to be working just fine!

I found one of the food containers under the kibble house this morning. I was able to reach it to get it out, but even if it had got pushed back further, that’s okay, since the floor boards can be lifted to reach under. An unexpected benefit for our change in plans.

When my daughter popped outside last night, she found Sir Stinks Alot in it. She moved in his direction, making noise to shoo him away, and was unexpectedly entertained. It seems the floor is a bit high for a skunk’s short little legs! It took him a few tries before he was finally able to get down and leave. 😀

The heated water bowl is working just fine; the water in the other containers was frozen solid. I’m thinking we might want to find something to put under the heated bowl to raise it higher. The cats have been trying to drink from it from inside the kibble shelter. I think it’s similar to how they often prefer to drink from the other bowls while on the wood of the sledge under the cat house. Likely, it’s because the wood is warmer on their paws than the ground! 🙂

In other things…

Our new washing machine has once again stopped working! I used it on Friday, and it worked fine. My daughter tried to use it on Saturday, and it just wouldn’t turn on. I figured it would stop working again, and actually prefer that it happened again sooner, rather than later. I called the appliance guy and left a message about it, and he called back today. He will be able to swing by tomorrow afternoon. Thankfully, he left the parts with us, when it suddenly started working after he’d opened up the back, so we don’t have to go through the warranty process again.

I headed into town today with one of my daughters who needed to do some errands. I took advantage of the situation and stopped at the garage where we have had so much work done this year. I showed him the picture of what is loose under my mother’s car. I had talked to the garage by my mother’s place, but I just don’t go to her town often, plus I needed to book our van for an oil change and to get our winter tires put on.

I now have my mother’s car booked to come in on Monday, while our van will be brought in on the Friday after. I asked about how much it might cost to get my mother’s car fixed. The loose shield should just need to be screwed back into place, but they will still need to at least jack it up to be able to reach, so I figured it would be similar to what I was told at the other garage. Basically, they’d likely have charged for half an hour.

Not here!

He said it would likely be free.


If all it needs it to be screwed on, he’ll just do it and that’s it! Of course, once he’s actually under there, he might find it’s cracked or something, but it doesn’t look broken in the picture.

I am so happy my mother’s car got a flat next to this garage! 😀 The owner is just awesome! As much as I liked the place by my mother’s, this place goes that little bit further. I am a very happy customer! 🙂

The Re-Farmer

9 thoughts on “Happy kitties, not so happy washing machine, and awesome customer service

  1. Wow, trying to charge a half hour of labor to put a screw in a dangling splash guard. That other place was criminal. Glad you found a shop with some ethics. 🙂

    That suddenly starting to work on the washing machine sounds like a loose electrical connection or bad solder point somewhere in the unit.

    Sounds like the kitties are happy also. MAYBE you can find an old slab of plywood to set the other water dishes on for them.

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    • I don’t begrudge the garage charging for their time and equipment. I don’t think they work in 15 minutes increments. Lol

      When the washer started working again, the wires were the first think he checked. They were fine. Any loose connection would have to be in the control panel itself, and that is repair by replacement.

      Re: the other water dishes, I was thinking along those lines. 😊

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      • Actually, “Book Time” for job pricing runs in 1/10 of an hour increments. Bad for timing, easy for labor math. The joys of having a mechanic in the family.

        Realistically, one could flop on the floor with a self tapping screw and a power screw driver and have that done in less than 2 minutes.

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      • The only place I’ve seen charge in such small increments was a lawyer, and that was 5 minute increments! Lol

        I hope they jack it up, just to better see if there is anything else under there of concern.

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      • At least in the US, everything is supposed to go by the Mitchell Labor Guide, which lays out exactly how much time a job is supposed to take, in 1/10th of an hour increments.

        The time is supposed to be based on the time it would take a journeyman to do the job. A newbie might take longer and thus earn an effective lower rate per hour, and a veteran may beat the time and come out ahead.

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      • 🙂 🙂 🙂

        You were right earlier that nobody should be expected to work for free, but when it’s something THAT small… it’s just being a good business persona and human being.

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