Settling in

The little calico has been settling in surprisingly well since I abducted her from outside.

She has been quicker to explore and be around the other cats than Tissue did.

Fenrir doesn’t take to the new additions well in general and, of all the cats, Turmeric has been the most aggressive towards her. For the most part, the little calico has been ignoring their hisses but, when necessary, she stands her ground rather than getting intimidated.

I took this picture last night, as she claimed the middle of my bed. When she lay down for a nap, she actually used Fenrir’s butt as a pillow! When Fenrir finally noticed, she hissed and ran off, but the little calico didn’t even flinch!

This morning, I was awakened by a tiny body pouncing on my feet. 😀

She still isn’t very comfortable with us humans. Aside from the foot pouncing, that is. 😉 Once in a while, we’ll manage to pet her, or just hold our hands out for her to sniff and gently bat at our fingers. She doesn’t seem scared or nervous at all; just stand offish.

Meanwhile, I discovered the girls had already named her.

She’s called Cabbages.

Because she has so many patches…


The Re-Farmer

2 thoughts on “Settling in

  1. That is so beautiful I love cats I have a tuxedo black and white she had white bow on her nose bless her cotton socks, I love her to bits she is my companion she is better than a human being not all but some lol I named her China, you would not think that we would have the pandemic caused by man from China the truth of the matter is that I love my cat regardless of her name. She talks to me and I understand her.


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