There’s a new dough in town…

A new sourdough. And it has a name. I put a Post-it note on the cover, with the date I started the starter.¬† This is what I found added to it, this morning. ūüėÄ Our girls are too funny! The Re-Farmer

The Transformation of Sir Sour Alot

This morning, I started working on making an Alaska Sourdough starter, based on the book.¬† The recipe calls for "rich potato water", flour and sugar, with optional yeast.¬† After making hotcakes this morning, I didn't feed the starter, as I normally would.¬† The container needed to be cleaned out (the lid was becoming glued to … Continue reading The Transformation of Sir Sour Alot

Sourdough Starter: One Week

Sir Sour Alot is now a week old.¬†¬† This image is of how it looks now, after it's been stirred.¬† At this point, the starter gets more frothy than bubbly, and has a finer texture. The starter can rest in maintenance mode now.¬† Aside from feeding after use, it can just be stirred daily and … Continue reading Sourdough Starter: One Week

Getting Started on Starter 

There is a fair bit of variety of sourdough starter recipes.¬† The first one we made used potato water - an unpeeled potato boiled until soft, then mashed into its own cooking water - as the liquid. In essence, though, getting a new starter going is just flour and water, left to sit.¬† Anything else … Continue reading Getting Started on Starter¬†