Sourdough Starter: day 3

Here is the progress on our new sourdough starter.

It was fed after 24 hours, and again after 48 hours.  With the size of my container, I fed it only a half cup each of flour and warm water, with a sprinkling of sugar.

This is what it looked like before I stirred and fed it tonight.

You can see that it has separated a bit, and there is quite a bit of liquid. This is normal.  I stirred the liquid in, then added just flour and sugar. There was no need for more water.

This is what it looked like, about an hour later.

I am relieved to see the sponge bubbling up as as well as it is.  The ambient temperature is on the low side, but it seems to be handling it quite well.  What has been funny is to see my family opening the lid every now and then, just to smell it!  Nice to know I’m not the only one.

If I felt the need, I could place the whole thing in the oven with the light on. The heat from the light bulb would be enough to create a nice, cozy temperature for the yeast to grow in. I would make sure something was under the container, just in case it overflowed.

I went digging through some boxes to find cookbooks with sourdough recipes in them. I collect cookbooks, so that took a while.

We aren’t ready to start making bread quite yet, but we can do pancakes.


The Re-farmer

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