Our Pot Overfloweth

We need a bigger pot for Sir Sour Alot!

This is what I came out to, this morning.


No, that is not a ladybug on the counter in the bottom right of the photo.  It’s an Asian Lady Beetle.  And they are EVERYWHERE this year!

Since transforming Sir Sour Alot, we have been using it about every other day, feeding with just flour, water and a bit of sugar, as usual.

Yesterday, I boiled potatoes for supper and kept the water I drained for bread baking.  Because using potato water when baking bread is delicious.

Since I had as much potato water as I did, after I poured out enough starter for a doubled recipe of bread, I figured I’d use some of it to feed the starter instead of plain water.  I’d measured out 2 cups of starter, which left very little behind, so I added about 2 1/2 cups flour and maybe 2 cups of potato water, with about a tablespoon of sugar, to feed it.

There are pretty standard amounts.  I’ve added as much as 3 cups of flour into this container when there was nothing but dregs left after use.  I’ve had it over flow only once before, when the container was placed on the stove, where it was warmer.

While we were working on the bread last night, we noticed that Sir Sour Alot had started to overflow.  Clearly, it liked the potato water!  I stirred it down and figured it had already reached its peak expansion for the night.

Boy was I wrong!


Not only did it overflow the pot and the bowl under it, it went down the counter, all the way to the floor!

We need a bigger container.

We don’t boil potatoes all that often, but when we do, I plan to treat Sir Sour Alot with some potato water in the future (not to be confused with “rich potato water”, which is potato mashed into the water).  It obviously really does well with it!

The Re-Farmer

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