Care Package

I remembered to get the mail before the post office closed at noon (but only on Wednesdays). A dear friend sent me a package that arrived today.

Sweetheart that she is, she included treats for the cats.

I loooooove my piece of wood!

Mama loves her honeysuckle wood! Lol

Duuuude… check out the colours…

Definitely the good stuff. Lol

There was also some high end cat nip (did you know there was such a thing? Lol).  I put some in a little catnip pillow for them, then double bagged the rest and hid it.  The stuff is so potent, they were rubbing themselves on the couch where I dumped out the envelope.  Contact from the package alone was enough.

And now, back to work.  The living room carpet is dry.  Time to put stuff back in the living room so I can access to last shelves in the dining room.  I plan to shampoo the couch as soon as I can, so it can dry by tomorrow. Then I will do the arm chair.

The girls will be back upstairs. They have chosen paint colours so they want to prep the walls, now that two more loads have been hauled out to the shed.

They have their work cut out for them.

Those walls are all supposed to be that pale yellow colour. The rest is grime.

Meanwhile, my husband is studying up on electrical.

The Re-farmer

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