Try Again

Today will be our third attempt to get internet.  The installer should be here within the next hour or so.

With the living room carpet done, we have started to put things where we intend them to stay.  The tv still needs to be set up again, though that will be changed when our console arrives.  I just cleared the table it was on, of my big umbrella tree. Before I even put it down, the table became occupied. Lol

Mine, now.

Also, it turns out we almost have satellite tv.

We got an unexpected visit from my brother to work on our hot water problem.  It took much longer than anticipated.  We actually had sparks flying in the breaker panel and the hot water tank. New breaker (the old one that got switched our previously had electrical tape on it… ). New thermostat. Ultimately, it was determined that the bottom band is shorting out. They don’t make these anymore.  So it’s been disconnected entirely.  Only the top band will run. We will have hot water, but it will take longer to reheat.  It will still need to be replaced, but we potentially have years of use in it, still.

My brother also double checked the outlets for us because I was getting warnings of low power when I tried charging my phone in the living room.  In the process, my brother saw the tangle of cords from when we moved the tv and the stuff it was attached to.  Which included what I now know is a satellite amplifier.

I knew about the dish on the roof, of course. My mother had her one Polish channel it was set to. All I knew was that switching it away from that channel caused problems.

Unfortunately, I didn’t keep track of what got unhooked from where, and there are three basically identical cables in the corner.  One for the satellite, one for the antenna and the third… I had no idea.

Now I know. It’s internal. It’s the other end of the cable in my father’s old bedroom.  We had been wondering about that.

Before he left, my brother went outside and yanked on the satellite cable, so I  could see which one it was. It’s now labelled.

Then we got the satellite amplifier cables reattached.  I’ll figure out the rest as we but everything back today. Then, technically, we will have access to free satellite signals.

Except not.

A storm shifted the dish off by a degree, so until someone climbs on the roof to physically shift it back, we just have a roof decoration.

That can wait until spring, when it will be less dangerous.  We just don’t watch enough tv to warrant it.

For now, we anticipate another satellite dish being installed for our internet. It can go on the side of the house, not the roof. Potentially. As I tapped this out, we got a call from the installer. He needed directions to our place.

“When the paved road ends, take the gravel road for two miles…”

The Re-farmer

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