Morning critter visitors

Still no deer, but plenty of action at the feed this morning.


This was taken using a 70-300mm lens, zoomed in as far as it could go, so we’re not all that close.  I know that there’s also lots of reflections of trees on the window – enough to confuse the birds into trying to fly into them (when I was a kid, we once had a prairie chicken fly right through the glass; we installed chicken wire outside the window after that).  Yet, it seems as if this Blue Jay is watching me taking pictures of him.


Still keeping an eye out!

The jays are not as skittish as the chickadees, staying at the feed longer, but they still dash in and out, quickly retreating into the branches.  It makes getting good shots more challenging.  Especially with the zoom lens.


There are always a LOT of chickadees!  They quickly dash in, grab a seed, and dash out again.  Skittish little guys.  They like to hang out in the shrubs outside our dining and living room windows.


The red squirrels, on the other hand, are much bolder and assertive.  This guy stayed at the seeds for quite some time, with a Blue Jay in the branches above, watching and waiting for him to leave.  He took his time about it!

In the summer, they would come to the house and take dog food to store for the winter (we’d find a stash in the wood pile, every now and then).  My late father quite enjoyed them.  One fine sunny day, my dad went out on the front steps and sat down in the warm sun.  Eventually, he lay back and fell asleep.

He woke up to find a squirrel on his chest, checking him out!

Bold, indeed!

The Re-farmer

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