Okay, I’m Kinda Horrified

Today, we finally started on the bathroom.

I got my darling, somewhat more able bodied daughters to clear out the shelves for me.  Among the things they found was a box of prescription medication from 1984.

It seems they didn’t do child safe containers back then.

Then I started on the counter, and an item we’ve been really avoiding until now.

Behind the sink, there has been a mystery backsplash type thing that has been there for many years.  We’ve wondered why it was there, since it really didn’t seem to serve any purpose.


I can’t even pretend that it’s decorative or anything.  Just this piece.  Stuck in there.

Today, I looked behind it.


There is just so much ew going on here.

But at least it was dry right now.  Clearly, that has not always been the case.


The caulking is ruined, and the paneling is rotting.  That nail sitting there?  That was holding the backsplash in place.  I think there was another one on the other side, because I think I sent something flying when I pulled it off at that end.

The paneling closer to the toilet also shows signs of peeling along the fake grout from moisture damage, but it’s nowhere near as bad as this.  Whatever the reason was for putting that thing there in the first place, it trapped more moisture and caused more damage.

In the middle, behind the taps, there’s an odd bump in the paneling that’s more rotten than the rest, looking like something was pushed through from the other side.  The other side is the room that is now my office, where a large vanity had been sitting since it was my bedroom as a teen, so there was never anything from that side.


The backsplash itself shows signs of water damage, especially in the corner where the nail was.

I will grant that this isn’t anywhere near as bad as my daughters finding dead and desiccated mice upstairs, but this is the worse I, personally, have seen since we started trying to clean this place.

I’ve scrubbed and disinfected the area, along with the rest of the counter.

Now I have to figure out how to put the contents of 3 bathrooms (well; except for the stuff that’s still missing) into this one little bathroom.


The Re-farmer

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