The Day our Cats got Broken

One of the things that did not come along for the move were cat scratchers.  Our cats loved the cheap cardboard ones and totally destroy them, so we just tossed the last one we had with plans to get a new one.

Except we never managed to get another one.

Meanwhile, the cats discovered the padded cloth seats on the chairs here, and we’re constantly having to stop them from scratching them.  I mean, they COULD scratch at the rolled up piece of carpet leaning against the wall – a scrap piece of what we have in the living room that was being used as a rug upstairs.  But no.  They ignore that and go for the chairs.  Or the couch.

So far, we’ve managed to keep them from damaging things.

Then we got a very odd shaped parcel in the mail.

It was addressed to our cats, from the cat of a dear friend.  A dear friend I had regaled about our adventures out here, including how the cats have been handling things.

When I brought the package home and laid it on the floor, the cats were immediately interested.  I let them push it around for a while.

Then I had to use a knife to cut it open, because it was completely wrapped in packing tape. LOL!

It was a cat scratcher, with catnip infused cardboard.  There was an extra baggie of catnip, too.

No wonder they were so interested!

The scratcher has an opening with something dangling inside, but while the cats have looked in, they haven’t tried to get at it.

The cardboard scratch pad, however, was magic.  The practically fought each other for it.  They pushed it around, knocked it over, and scratched, scratched, scratched.

Then they stopped.

Da Boy is broken.

Funny thing is, he’s not the one that’s big on catnip.  His mama is.

Later on, I found her asleep beside it (after I straightened it back up again), using the cardboard pad as a pillow.

I have the best friends!


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