Out Our Window, Today

I finished off our first bag of deer feed this morning.  I’m glad I picked up a second one, already.

We got a visit from a lone deer this morning.  A different one; it did not have the larger darker patch of fur on its chest.


I should go back over our older photos and see if I can tell if this is that first doe that started visiting us.


I just love those eyes, and the long, long eyelashes.

Did you know that white tail deer have horizontal, slot shaped pupils?  Their eyes are so dark, I’ve never really noticed it before.

Of course, we had bird visitors.  I’ve been leaving some piles of feed closer to the house, and that has allowed me to get some better photos.


For a while, this nuthatch was watching me take photos of it.  How much it could see of me through the reflections, I don’t know, but clearly, it could at least see me moving around.


It’s a real challenge to get decent photos of the birds.  They just don’t stay still very long!  I’ve got the camera on a tripod with a head that is easily moved around, but it still takes a moment or two to adjust, and by the time I’ve done that, they’re usually gone.  Still, I’ve managed a few good ones. 🙂

More deer showed up in the early evening.



This is the one with the darker patch on its chest that comes with another deer that it drives away from the feed.  The other deer did show up with it, and was chased off by this one here.  Striking with hooves and all. Eventually, the other did make it to the feed, but barely got any at all before it ran off, then this one came back.

Interestingly, as it was coming to the feed and looking around, it kept looking up over the roof.  I wonder if one of the cats was up there?

The Re-Farmer

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