I’m so thrilled!!!

My older brother and his wife are the best.

Awesome.  Amazing.  Fantastic.  Fabulous.  Wonderful.

They came over for a visit today, and brought me an “early birthday gift.”



I actually started crying, when I saw them pull up with the trailer, and this was on the back.

They bought us a riding mower.  Fully refurbished, heavy duty enough to handle the work we’ll be making it do AND it is fully maintainable.  It can even tow a small trailer!

I am thrilled beyond belief.

Of course, we had to start it up and test it out, and before I knew it, I’d mowed an entire section of the lawn.

Apparently, I had a huge grin on my face the entire time.

They have been beyond generous, since even before we moved out here.  I am so incredibly happy and grateful!

I can’t wait until I can finish mowing the lawn.  Which might not be until Monday, as we’re expecting rain off and on.

When they left, they even took the push mower that needs a new carburetor, to fix.  And a gas powered weed trimmer to check over and hopefully get going.

I am so incredibly happy right now!

During their visit, we went around the yard to check things out (getting our feet completely soaked in the process, so we didn’t go beyond the yard).  While seeing what was done in the flower garden, my SIL spotted a lovely little surprise.


One, lonely little asparagus spear. LOL There was a second one, about a foot away.  Who knows?  Maybe more will show up, eventually.

Nice to know they’ve survived.

We also went looking around to see if we could find the cherry trees my mother says are in the spruce grove.  It’s so overgrown with trees in that area, all about the same size, we never did find anything we could be sure was cherry.

There were a couple of other trees I’d noticed blooming a couple of weeks back, and I now know what they are.


Saskatoon berries!


These were on the list of food trees we want to have.  We might some day transplant them to a better location, but for now, I’m just happy that we have them.

So we know now for sure that we have chokecherries, Saskatoon berries, some raspberries (still need to clean that area up), gooseberries and chokecherries.  Hopefully, we’ll also have cherries.  Then there’s the rhubarb, horseradish and struggling little asparagus.

Which is pretty darn good, all things considered.

Me, I’m still grinning from ear to ear, over the riding mower. 😀

The Re-Farmer

7 thoughts on “I’m so thrilled!!!

    • Thanks!

      No bag, but we can rake.

      There used to be a small trailer/wagon around that my brother looked around for towing, but there is no sign of it. So we will have to get another one at some point.


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