Sun Room Cleanup – West side

Once I had cleared out half of the sun room, I had the space to work on the other half.

Here are some before pictures.


The moving boxes, I added to have them handy to pack things.  We’ve been using empty cat food bags as garbage bags, slated for the burn barrel.  Except we’ll probably just make another dump run tomorrow, with all the stuff we found.  Including many, many phone books for various cities, and years of seed catalogs.

Aside from the box for the weed trimmer, the rest of the boxes on this seat were here when we got here.  Including the one under the cat food bag with a toilet seat in it.

Also, an empty bottle of vodka.  ???

The orange extension cord coming out from under the door is plugged in in the old kitchen.  There is another old household extension cord coming through the kitchen window, that my dad used to power a clock and a radio.  I needed something more heavy duty for the trimmer.  When I got the room cleared out, I was able to put it through the kitchen window, too.


The dresser in the foreground had been upstairs, and was slated to go into the shed for storage.  I have decided to instead keep it in this room, and plan to put it under the shelf across the window in the other side of the sun room.  It will be good to hold things like our tools, gloves, etc.  The extension cords on it are the 100ft cords my older brother and his wife got us, so we could have electricity in the garage to plug in the block heater for our van.  Lately, I’ve been using them for the weed trimmer.

After getting the top of that couch cleared, I moved it to the cleared side of the room and found…


A whole lot of crap.  Literally.

And bird seed.

I moved the bird seed out so we could put it into the bird feeder, when I noticed something odd in it.

A used strike plate for a door knob.

Because where else would you store a strike plate?  Right? LOL

The outside cats made a MUCH bigger mess under here.


That plant was there when we moved in, in the fall.  I have no idea if we were supposed to tend it, but by the time we noticed it, it was too late.  Not that we could have reached it, anyhow.

The table it’s on turned out to be a very old metal topped table with a drawer.  The drawer had some tools, and all sorts of odd bits and pieces; outlets, screws, a refillable lighter, scrap bits of fabric…  With that curtain being used as a table cloth, no one would have been able to access the drawer.  Who knows how long it was all there!

The box you can partly see under the table had decorative bottles, a bag of chess pieces, and… very familiar toys.  Toys my girls played with, when we last lived in this province.

No clue why they were kept, and why they were left there!

That laundry basket has been there so long, when I tried to move it around, it practically shattered on me.

The old boots ended up being tossed.  There were also a number of single shoes.

We’ve found all sorts of old shoes while cleaning things up, in some very odd places.

Here are the after pictures! 🙂


I swept up so many dead bugs and spiderwebs.  *shudder*


Right in the very corner, I found another nest of dead Asian Lady Beetles.  😦

What a difference!

After this, we basically just put what we were going to keep, back into the room.  It’s supposed to rain tonight, but… well, the weather predictions have been calling for rain or thunderstorms a few times, and we’ve not been getting them, so who knows.

The next big thing I will do here is empty the room completely, then mop the floor.

Meanwhile, we have more boxes and other stuff to haul to the shed for storage.

I look forward to this being a usable room again!

After this, the only room left to pack and clean is the old kitchen.  THAT is going to be a challenge. :-/

The Re-Farmer

4 thoughts on “Sun Room Cleanup – West side

  1. When I cleaned out my parent’s house (fortunately not the house where I grew up–that would have been even more difficult) I, too, had a lot of memories as well as a lot of, “Why was that saved?” items.

    I got to thinking about it and I think it was an artifact of their growing up during the depression. The, “Save it, we might be able to save some money by re-purposing it.” was a very common theme.

    And, that trait has, somewhat, been passed on to me, so our daughter will likely have the same, “Why was that saved?” thoughts. I’m always evaluating items for potential usefulness before throwing them into the recycle or trash bins.

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    • Oh, my, yes! When the farm was fully active, all that stuff that was saved, just in case it might be useful, WAS useful, many times! And yet, there were so many things that got kept, simply because my parents thought it was “wasteful” to throw them away – yet by keeping them, they became a waste, anyhow!

      One of the benefits of moving as often as I have is that I was forced to downsize, over and over again. Hard to collect “things” in those circumstances! 😀


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