Little Critter Friends

I thought I got some pictures of how the area near the firepit looks, after my daughters raked, but apparently, I didn’t.

So, instead, I stole a couple of pictures my older daughter took. 😀


While they were raking, they got visited by two wood frogs.  This one, and one that jumped right into a downspout.  I neglected to steal her pictures of a blurry frog butt in a tunnel. 😉

She also managed to get a good picture of one of these guys…


They have a distinctively shrimp-like body, and are really big!  They are also hard to get pictures of, they move so much.  They just LOVE this lilac bush by the house.  They are Snowberry Clearwing Moths, also called hummingbird moths.  They do sound like hummingbirds, and are almost as big as the one variety of hummingbirds we have in our area.

Meanwhile, I added the bird seed I found to the feeder and stand we’ve put near the living room window.  The birds are just starting to discover it, and I hope to get photos, soon.  I also saw a deer last night, just quickly passing through our yard.  All I managed was one blurry photo before it ran off.  Good to know they are still willing to come by, even with all the yard activity these days. 🙂

The Re-Farmer

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