Not the kind of windfall I was wanting…

We’ve been getting storm warnings for the day, but in our area that has translated to high winds, some rain, and hot, humid air!

I have made it a practice to walk around the yard after we’ve had high winds to check out what damage there might be.  Most of the time, I find some downed branches that I can just pick up and take to one of the wood piles we’ve got around.  Sometimes, I’ll have to make a couple of trips.

Not today.

This time, I grabbed a wheelbarrow.

My younger daughter and I headed out to town and were gone for perhaps 2 hours.  When we left, there were maybe a few small branches on the ground.

This is what I picked up after we got back.


Most of this is willow from only two trees.  Willows are pretty indestructible, but notorious for dropping smaller branches in a stiff breeze.  There are more than small branches!  Plus, most of this is from the willow that’s overhanging the power lines.

As I continued around the yard, I found these.

Charred bits of wood, near the area I’d found the burned branch a while ago. Yes, it’s directly under the main power lines, though went I looked up, all I could see was some lower maple branches, and could not tell where these burned bits had fallen from.


The Re-Farmer

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