Clearing the apple trees

This afternoon, I got out the weed trimmer and started going around the edges of the yard, in preparation for mowing.  I wanted to trim all the way to the end of the row of crab apple trees by the main garden, so I grabbed an extra extension cord.  This made for a total of 250 feet of cord, and it was enough to do almost the entire yard, without having to move from the outlet outside the kitchen to the one in the sun room.


I also tried to go further into the overgrown main garden a bit.  The plow line is there, and my goodness, it’s rough.  What a mess.  Still, I was able to go into the overgrown area a bit to trim out some burdock, before it got too bid, as well as some thistles.

Mostly, though, I’m glad to get the area around the apple trees finally done all the way to the end.


This is the very last tree in the row, and as you can see, the main trunk is mostly dead.  It’s just got a few little branches with a handful of leaves on them.

I am planning to take the main trunk down completely.  What greenery is there is mostly from the saplings at its base.  I will select the one that looks the strongest and healthiest, then cut away the rest.

It you look in the background of the photo, you can see the north edge of the spruce grove, though a fair number of poplars have seeded themselves further in.  That north side is a straight line of spruces which, I learned only recently, was planted by my oldest brother.  I’m not sure if I was even born when those were planted!

When I am done in the maple grove, I plan to start working on the spruce grove from here.  I want to clear away the majority of the self-sown trees, but mostly, I want to clean out the bottom branches of the spruces.  They are all dead, though hidden by the living branches higher up.

I think, for the spruce grove, instead of working from one end to the other, as I have been with the maple grove, I will start with clearing the circumference.  Especially the fence lines.  They are getting away too overgrown, and I want to reduce the damage being done to the fence as long as I can (though when we moved here, there was already one tree that had fallen right on the fence).  Hopefully, I’ll at least be able to get that done this year.  The bulk of the clean up in the spruce grove will be done next year.  This is going to eventually involve clearing out many downed trees, and cutting down lots of dead ones, too.

It’s going to be a huge job!

The Re-Farmer

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