Morning kittens

I hung out after putting kibble out for the outside cats, hoping to lure some kittens.


No such luck.  Going past where I was sitting to get to the food bowls was the most two of them would allow.  Beep Beep came over for pets, as usual, and her tuxedo came with her, though he wouldn’t let me touch him.  The little bobble headed orange tabby came close enough to play with the end of a stick.  No sight of the calicos at all.

That grey tabby is getting to be a really big tom!  He’s definitely heftier than his mother (though that doesn’t take much, really), though still not fully grown.


I can’t get over the size difference between the teeny tabby and all the others. It’s quite noticeable when he’s with his brother.  Hard to believe they’re from the same litter!  It’s good to see that he’s very active and playful, and has a very hearty appetite.  He just looks sickly and half starved. 😦

The Re-Farmer

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