A couple of photos from when we were exploring the native plants garden.


This bee photo was pure serendipity.  It was the first of several I took, in quick succession, and the only good one of the bee!


This was in a structure near the native plants garden that I think is actually there to disguise and protect some infrastructure equipment.  There were several wasps nests in varying stages of construction, all on the shadow side of these support beams.

I didn’t see the spiders until I uploaded the photos, though.

I’ve seen many wasp nests in varying stages of construction before, but never have I seen the cells exposed like this, at this size.  The little ones on the left of the photo is usually about as big as they get, before they get covered over.  I think the high level of protection they have in these locations may have something to do with it.

The Re-Farmer

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