Looks like it’s working

Once again, when going out to give the cats their food and warm water, the water bowl in the sun room was NOT knocked off the warmer.

It was also bone dry!

This morning, the cats were far more interested in the water than the food!  When I go into the sun room through the Old Kitchen, I have to put down the bowl of food and the pitcher of water so I can open up the outer door.  Usually, the kittens are all over the bowl of food.  Except Doom Guy, who goes for the pitcher of water.

Today, not only did he go for the pitcher right away, but when I refilled the water bowl, the other cats left the food for the warm water!


Nice to see that the kneeler and the terracotta pot are both being used to reach the water.

By the time I finished putting the food outside and adding more water to the bowls out there, I had to refill the water bowl in the sun room!

Thirsty kitties!

After I finished putting the food out for the birds and deer, I decided to try and knock more apples off the trees that still have some left.  I’d managed to shake some down the other day, and a few hours later, there was a deer eating them.  Shaking isn’t working very well, so I went digging through the junk pile by the garden shed and found an old mop or broom handle.  I used that to knock some apples off the first tree (it worked much better than shaking the tree, though I still got konked in the face by an apply in the process.  Not the first time that’s happened!).

Then I tried to get some off the second tree with apples still left.  This one, the apples are really small; almost as small as the ornamental apples.  So I didn’t try too hard with that one.  The grosbeaks, at least, seem to be eating them.

Then I went back to the first tree to leave the broom handle there, and found that someone else was interested in the grosbeak that was hanging around while I knocked the apples off.


He didn’t have much luck with the birds, so he escorted me as I continued my rounds. 😀

So did his mother.


She insisted on a ride. 😀

These guys are almost enough to make me a morning person. 🙂


The Re-Farmer

6 thoughts on “Looks like it’s working

    • If there’s just dregs on the bottom, yes, it would evaporate faster, but it isn’t hot.

      The extra refill during the day made a difference. There was still water in it this morning. It wasn’t warm, but there was no ice at all, either. 🙂


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