A year ago today – we made it!

Well, today is it.  The one year anniversary for all 4 of us arriving at the farm.

We arrived shortly after midnight.  We still remember the final stretch.  Almost 1800 kilometers of driving (with a broken door), and less than 10 minutes from home.  I saw a shadow flash across oncoming headlights and stomped on the brakes.

The cat carriers set up on boxes behind us went flying.  The cat lying on one of them ended up in the front seat.  Stuff fell on top of the bucket we were using to transport the fish.

But we managed to NOT hit the deer.

Everyone was okay, though the cats were pretty freaked out!  How’s that for a welcome home!!

The main thing was, we made it.  We were finally together again.

For my older daughter and I, all we really wanted to do was sleep.  Which had to wait until we got the cats into the house and closed off into a room while we brought in the plants (some died from the cold, though our jade tree recovered), the fish (they died a few days later. 😦 ), the computers and most of the other stuff we managed to jam into the back of the van.  After that, we could finally sleep.

The next thing was to figure out what to do next!

The house was a complete disaster, even though it was much better then it had been, thanks to the efforts of my older brother and his wife.  A couple of days later, we would find out that the movers would cost $2000 more than we expected, and the fiasco with them just kept on going.

I never want to move again.

Which I know will happen.  Eventually, as we get older, my husband and I will likely need to move into someplace like where his father or my mother live.  Small, barrier free, etc.  We’ve hopefully got many years before we get to that point, though!

A lot has happened since we moved out here.

I think we made the right decision.

The Re-Farmer


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