Morning Kitties

This is what greeted me, as I was getting ready to head out with the cats’ food and water.

I find it so funny that Doom Guy will sit in the empty water bowl like that!

Note the little face peeking out from the cat cave set up (top right)!

We were able to stock up on deer feed yesterday, and I picked up a new mix of bird seed.  I am hoping it is more to the liking of our local birds, plus it will be better for the hanging feeder.  When I had just the black oil seeds in there, the grosbeaks would keep trying to get at it, but the base of the feeder is sized more for chickadees and nuthatches, not bigger birds like grosbeaks or blue jays.  They could only land for a split second before they basically dropped off and flew away, not always able to get any seed, first.  They like the deer feed, and eating on the ground or platform feeder, so between the two mixes, I figure we’ll have all bases covered!

I had company while doing my rounds, of course.  This morning, it was just Rolando Moon.


She likes to follow along, keeping her distance, but she does let us pet her.


Though sometimes, she’ll attack our hands in the middle of a pet!  She’s quite gentle about it; when she bites, she doesn’t use enough pressure to actually hurt, and even her claws are quickly retracted.


Then she’ll just as quickly go from biting to giving kisses!

Such a fickle girl! 😀

The Re-Farmer

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