Critter of the Day: Big Jim Surprise

Happy New Year!

One of the things I love about digital photography, and especially with the use of various lenses, is that when the photos are uploaded, we often see more in the photo, than what we saw at the moment.  Like the incredible colour of Big Jim’s eyes.


Or… hold on…  Is that blood on his lip???

Jim was hiding behind the base of the bird feeder, watching the birds eating the deer feed on the ground.  Every now and then, he would make a leap for a bird.

A very clumsy leap, what with the base of the feeder in his way and all…

Maybe that’s how he hurt his lip?

Edit: I had to go back and fix this post. When I first wrote it, I thought I was looking at Bob, because of the white under his chin. Bob, however, has more white, plus a bit of a white splash on his nose, too. A few months ago, I would never have had this problem, as they were so different in size!

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