I had a couple of visitors while doing my rounds this morning.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve heard one of these guys, and even longer since I’ve seen one.


What I found interesting is that, when it saw me coming, it just walked away, then stayed to watch me for a while, before finally flying off. Usually, I don’t even know one’s been around until I hear it flying away.

At one point, I was under a tree when some bits of bark and debris began falling on my head.


Because of this little lady.

Who was not at all happy to see our other visitor.


My brother’s dog came by, and even came over to let me pet him, without doing the “sneaking up from behind” shyness he usually displays. He still played a bit shy, but he seemed more interested in getting pets, instead. 😀

I just adore that dog. He is so sweet!

The Re-Farmer

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