Well, that’s not good

The formation of icicles outside our bathroom window was noted recently.

Since that window looks into the sun room, not outdoors, this is something that should not be happening.

My first thought was condensation, but after thinking about it for a bit, I realized that didn’t make sense.

So when I went out to do the cat stuff this morning, I remembered to check out the window from the other side.

I found this.


There is a small amount of ice coming from the ceiling, forming the long icicle on the side of the window. Most is coming out from between the frames.


I wouldn’t be surprised if that one from the ceiling reaches all the way to the floor.


This is the likely source of the water. I am guessing there is enough warmth collecting under there to melt some snow, which has found its way through the moisture barrier, into the wall.

This is a log wall, so that would mean the water is making its way between the logs and the paneling on the sun room side of the wall.

Which is preferable to it leaking on the inside, I suppose. Last year, we found water dripping from the ceiling in the bathroom and never found the source of it. We did figure this same area was the most likely source.

Now, the obvious solution is to get up there and shovel the snow off the roof. There are two problems with that. One, it’s still dangerously cold out there. Two, none of us are really able bodied enough to climb up onto this portion of the roof. My younger daughter can climb out the upstairs window to get onto the roof over the new part of the house, which has a much more gradual slope, but we have no safe way to get onto the roof on this side, this time of the year.

The next obvious solution is to hire someone to do it, but we’re on a fixed income, and what little discretionary funds there is left in the budget, gets pulled a dozen directions at once. The big one being setting aside $1500 to have the trees cut away from the roof and the power lines in the spring.

So it will have to wait. Hopefully, in the summer, we’ll be able to get up there, find where it’s leaking, and seal it.

Which leads me to the next thing on the list of stuff that costs money.

The small engine shop called yesterday. The snow blower is working! Yay!

It turns out that it needed the carburetor cleaned. I talked to the mechanic for a while, asking things like why would this have happened so quickly? After all, we’ve only used it 3 times since it was fixed up. The usual culprit is old fuel, but the fuel I have is not old at all, plus I even added the fuel stabilizer, as I was advised. It’s a guessing game, really, but the other possibility is that, with a machine as old as this one, there was still some residue in it that came loose.

He also replaced the kill switch, this time adding a cap to it to prevent moisture from getting in and freezing. Was that why it broke? No way to know; he said it looked like someone torqued it or something. Which is an odd thing, since it broke in the middle of my using it. In talking about it to my brother, later on, he suggested it could be something as simple as my sleeve catching on it while I was using it. Again, it’s just a guessing game.

I asked what the cost will be, but they had not tallied it yet. He wanted to call me first, to see if I wanted anything else done to it, like an oil change.

It shouldn’t need an oil change, but it does burn through oil like crazy (I was warned about that when I first picked it up from them). I’ve been topping the oil up every time I used it, but if something like what happened to the carburetor could happen so quickly, it can certainly happen with the oil, too. So I gave the go-ahead to do an oil change. I also asked if they could re-adjust the chain on one of the tires that got twisted half off. So that will be done as well.

He asked when I would want to pick it up, and I suggested Monday. Turns out they are closed Mondays, so it will be Tuesday.

I suppose, if I wanted to, I could have asked for it to be ready for today or tomorrow. I’m glad I didn’t, since I woke up with a mild cold this morning. I will instead be using the next couple of days to try and beat that off before it gets worse.

We are still under extreme cold warnings. Even though the temperatures are warming up, slightly, the wind chill is the killer. Right now, coming up on noon, we are at -23C, but the wind chill is -35C. After feeding the animals, I didn’t do the rest of my rounds. I don’t want to get sicker.

Tomorrow, we’re supposed to warm up to -21C with a wind chill of -27C, but overnight, it’s supposed to hit -32C, with wind chills of -43C. It looks like the cold streak will finally break on Sunday (though the forecasts have been saying that for a week, now). By Monday and Tuesday, it’ll warm up enough for snow. Which means we’re going to have to do at least some shoveling, as we’ll need to do all the stuff that’s being postponed right now; everything from getting the mail to going to the dump to getting my husband into town for medical tests and appointments. As long as we can get out of the driveway, we’ll be good. Once we get the snow blower back on Tuesday, it should be warm enough for me to clear everything we need after the snow stops falling.

Assuming the forecasts remain accurate over the next few days.

Meanwhile, I’m going to medicate up, drink hot liquids, try not to get the rest of the family sick, and probably go back to bed!

On a more fun note, as of last night, The Outsider’s fur is now completely free of mats. The last one had to be cut out. She continues to settle in. Mama cat has been more accepting of her, but DahBoy is still not a happy camper, and sometimes goes after her.

This morning, I woke up to the slow realization that there was something on my hip. A very light something. Sure enough, The Outsider had draped herself over the hollow of my waist, leaning back against my hip. She is so incredibly light! Just a ball of floof and bones (and razor sharp claws!). Considering she seems to be the same age range as our kittens, and the dramatic difference in her weight from theirs, as they all reached adult size, as well as her fur remaining so thin, I am increasingly curious about her genetics. She is certainly not of burly stock!

Well, time to get the kettle on again, and fight off my cold!

The Re-Farmer

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