I had quite a laugh while doing my rounds this morning!

Butterscotch, I’m happy to say, is doing much better. She eagerly joined me after I put out all the critter food and water, and went to continue my rounds. She even wanted to be picked up and carried, right away, and was busily trying to rub her face all over me.

Which I still don’t want her doing. Her eye and nose may not be leaking much anymore, but they are still a bit on the damp side. 😉

There is one spot on my path along the spruce grove that the cats tend to catch up with me, and today, Beep Beep was eager for some attention, too. So for a while, I hat two cats on my shoulders and in my arms, trying to rub on me. No surprise that they knocked off my hat. I couldn’t pick it up until after I changed the memory card on the trail came, then got them off my shoulders.

After putting it back on, I found this.


A perfect hat print. You can even see the crochet stitches, imprinted into the snow. It’s a brimmed hat I made for myself recently, and you can see the roll of the brim imprinted as well.

Too funny!

Butterscotch immediately wanted me to pick her up again, but Beep Beep headed over to the fence. For come reason, of all the fence posts, the one she wants to climb the most, is the one the covered electrical outlet is at.

Butterscotch was all over me while I was trying to take this video, including blocking my view of the phone and pushing against it. That’s the noise you’re hearing in the video – that and her purring!

Also, she slipped.

It’s a relief to see Butterscotch doing so much better. Doom Guy still has some issues with a stuffy nose, and now Bob seems to be coming down with a cold, too! Poor things. They’re handling it much better than Butterscotch did, though.

Oh, I’ve just been informed we have deer out our window again. Hope I can get some good pictures! 🙂

The Re-Farmer

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