Fire pit tester

I was thinking of things to do for the cookout we have planned on the weekend. Being such a warm day today (we’re hovering around 0C), I wanted to do some more to prepare the fire pit area. I figured we may as well try something new, while I was at it!

While looking for ideas, I found the idea of wrapping the wiener in bread dough and cooking it over the fire; hot dog and bun, all in one. This is something we’ve done before in the oven, but not over an open fire.

When I was at the grocery store earlier today, I spotted some frozen dinner rolls, uncooked, and decided to cheat.

Once at home, I got the fire going while the girls thawed the dinner dinner rolls until they could be wrapped around the wieners.


They also cleaned a few of our roasting sticks and I set them over the heat for a while to “sterilize”. They’ve been sitting in the sun room all winter, so a good cleaning was in order.

I had company, while waiting for the fire to burn down.

Butterscotch hung around the most, but I also saw Bob (in the background). Doom Guy, Rolando Moon, Slick and Nicky the Nose. The cats are using the collapsing log building as a shelter, so there was a fair bit of traffic. šŸ™‚


Once ready, my younger daughter brought out the wrapped wieners. I had brought a sheet of metal to use as a wind break while starting the fire (high winds from the south right now – the Colorado Low that is expected to bring blizzard conditions to the south of us). It made a handy tray on the snow to hold the plate. šŸ™‚

We were too busy juggling roasting sticks to get any photos of the cooking process, but here is how they turned out.


As you can see, it’s a mixed bag!

Things we learned:

The dough burns quickly – and sometimes catches fire! They need to be kept higher than when doing just the wiener.

Don’t do two at once. Even with the space between them, the sides facing each other are harder to get cooked.

The tops and bottoms can cook up rather well, once at the right distance, but the sides, not so much. As you can see in the photo, they remain very pale. Done slowly and far enough from the heat, the sides do cook through while the tops and bottoms get toasty. Especially when doing only one at a time.

One of the concerns I had was that the dough would cook too fast, and the wiener would not be cooked through, but that turned out to not be an issue. They cooked through, just fine.

We have a little cooking grill for the fire pit and, if we do this again, I think it would be better to use that, instead of the roasting sticks. That way, they can be given a quarter turn regularly, for even cooking.

While I was prepping the fire, and during cooking, we found the ring of snow around the fire pit to be rather handy.


It served as a table for the metal “tray” the plate was on, and also for the wood I brought over for the weekend cookout. I got some nice maple logs in there, which should make for excellent cooking. šŸ™‚

As for Saturday, we’re going to be down one for the number of people there; the reason we went into town was for a job interview with my younger daughter. She starts training tomorrow, and will be at work during cookout time. šŸ™‚

I’m really looking forward to the cookout. We’ll be doing vegetables wrapped in foil packets to go with the hot dogs. It’s going to be soooo good!

The Re-Farmer

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