Home! (and cat cuddles)


My husband is home from the hospital today!

It is so good to have him back!


Even the cats missed him. They have been super cuddly. I’ve been waking up with these two, fighting to get under the covers with me. Mama cat won; she’s still under the covers in this picture, and Fenrir settled for sprawling on top of them.

Which left me with one arm stuck out, and unable to put my phone away. This was handy when I started getting messages from my husband, telling me he would be able to come home by 10 or 10:30.


I tried to make my bed, but Fenrir wouldn’t leave. Then, as soon as I sat on the side of the bed, Mama claimed her usual spot against my butt. Usually, Fenrir beats her to it.

Though he was told he could leave by 10 or 10:30, I was out the door by 9. LOL Which worked out, because he ended up being ready to leave earlier.

There is one nurse that is just really awesome, and very no-nonsense in her attitude and instructions.

Yes, we actually got instructions!

She went through the checklist of things that had to leave with my husband (yes to the walker, no to the bariatric wheel chair…) and get all his medications from home. He had several sheets charting his medications and dosages to update the pharmacy, and we had the new prescription for the diuretic to fill before we went home. He is to follow up with his doctor in a week, and we are waiting for a call from the heart failure clinic in the city. It is not considered urgent, however, so it might not be right away.

He is under strict instructions to continue restricting his fluid intake, or he will end up back in the hospital again in no time. She was concerned that the doctor put insulin and a blood pressure medication back on his meds list. The insulin was something he adjusted as needed, and she told him to go at least a day of testing his sugars frequently and not taking any insulin, just to see if things changed at home. The last thing he needs is to end up with that really drastic drop in blood sugars again. That’ll kill him faster than anything else. As for the blood pressure medication, he’s never had problems with his blood pressure. This specific medication was added to the list many years ago, because it also protects the kidneys. From all the other medications he’s on. It’s a low dose, so it shouldn’t cause problems with too-low blood pressure at home.

The goal for us at home is to recreate his hospital routine as much as we can. About the only thing we can’t do is test his oxygen levels, as we don’t have the equipment for that. She had talked about the same portions of food as what they gave him during his meals, but he was never able to eat more than about half of what they gave him – he simply doesn’t have the appetite, and forced himself to eat as much as he did. So even just matching that means he’ll be eating more, and more often, than he’s used to. Hopefully, different cooking techniques and a deft hand with herbs and spices (salt is also restricted) will make that easier for him.

The official number for how much he lost in the 3 weeks he was in the hospital is 91 pounds. By the last week or so, he was losing 6 or 7 pounds a day. Which is kind of scary, really. Losing that much weight so quickly can be very dangerous – ironically, it can cause heart damage – and he has clearly lost muscle mass as well. His clothes are hanging off of him, and even his face is drooping.

A lot of things around home just sort of went on the back burner, and now we are preparing for Easter, so things won’t get back to any sense of normalcy until after Easter. We even have to re-do the forms for our wills; the law firm got them, and there was some confusion about some of our information, but also, it turned out we had the wrong form – or maybe it was just an older version. Either way, that needs to be redone, too.

The weather outside has been wonderful, and the winds seem to finally be dying down. That means I’ll be outside doing clean up around the yard. It also means my husband will be trying to get outside with me, if only to get himself walking around more. He was stuck indoors all winter, then stuck in the hospital, so cabin fever is pretty strong right now!

While we were all sitting together and getting caught up with things, the cats were just as eager to be part of it.


Our mama cat absolutely claimed my daughter’s lap.

Our home feels complete, again.

The Re-Farmer

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