Kits and birds

With today’s rain, it’s been a fairly quiet day, but I still have some fun things to share with you.

Like this adorable shot I got last night.

This little tuxedo has really taken to being handled – and climbing us like trees!

On the down side, after climbing back and forth on my shoulders, he then jumped down onto the back of the swing bench before jumping/falling down to the concrete floor. 😦 That’s a long way for such a tiny kitten!

I got this shot, this morning.

Three of those 6 kittens are hers. 😀 One of hers and one of Beep Beep’s were off napping on the blanket on the floor by the tool dresser. They’re all like one big litter now! 🙂

The kittens have discovered that they can get into the bottom drawer of the tool dresser from underneath. They couldn’t, however, get back out again. We now keep that drawer open a few inches, so they can get out from through the top of the drawer, instead.

I have also found I can no longer open the top dresser drawer. I don’t know why, yet, as there are too many kittens around to safely move things and find out. That drawer has the tools I used most often, so I rather need to open it at some point! 😀 Thankfully, the tools I use every time I work to clear the trees are kept in an open shelf above, instead, so I can at least access those.

On my way to pick up my daughter, I found the barn swallows working on their nest. They were flying around so much, I didn’t even try to take a photo, and got a couple of short videos, instead.

When I was a kid, I always saw these birds building their nests under the eaves of the barn, but I’ve never been this physically close to them before.

I’ve always enjoyed watching them. 🙂

The Re-Farmer

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