Being watched… and frozen!

Yesterday evening, we had someone watching us through our kitchen window.

Big ole Nicky the Nose is making himself at home! Just look at that face! Just look at that…

… eye…

I went looking at some better pictures we got of Nicky, just to see if this is normal. πŸ˜€ Turns out that his right is eye, indeed, slightly smaller than the left, but not normally squished up like that. Not sure what’s going on in this picture! πŸ˜€

Meanwhile, while doing my rounds this morning, I discovered this, in the bird bath.

Yup. That’s a layer of ice on there. Not a thin one, either!

It’s June 2, and we’re still going below freezing overnight!

This is going to be rough on people’s gardens. 😦

We’re supposed to get a high of 16C (60F) today, then tomorrow, we’re supposed to hit 25C (77F), with possible thunderstorms by evening, and stay high for the next week or so.

So… the weather we typically would have been getting in April.

If we’re going to have thunderstorms on Monday, we’ll have to do something about the gates we’re working on. Not good weather for paint to cure outdoors!

The Re-Farmer

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