I couldn’t help myself

With all the wonderful rain we’ve had, the lawn is quickly reaching jungle proportions. So I started weed trimming the edges before breaking out the riding mower.

It never fails.

Every time I bring out the weed trimmer, I find myself going further and further into the bush.

This is the area by the garage that I’m supposed to be clearing.

I did find more fallen branches buried in the tall grass in the process, though. Trimming the grass will make the clean up job a bit easier.

That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it!


While working in the south lawn, near the willow tree that got trimmed, I made an interesting discovery in the larger pieces of wood.

They are growing.

Most of the green in this picture is fresh growth on the willow branches.

That’s one of the amazing things about willow. I could stick any of these in the dirt somewhere, and they’ll grow into a new willow tree!

Which I will not be doing. I’m picking up enough dropped branches all over the place, as it is!!

I haven’t finished trimming all the lawn, yet. I got as far as working into the maple grove – and managed to spot some wild strawberries in time to not cut them away! – but after several hours, I had to stop. I got about half the maple grove done, plus the edges of the east, south and west yards. I will continue tomorrow. I’m just in too much pain right now to keep it up.

Arthritis sucks.

Also, I think I really should remember to wear my runners instead of my sandals when I break out the trimmer.

Ew. šŸ˜€

I now have a project to work on, when I’m hurting too much to work outside. I bought myself a new toy a few days ago and finally tested it out. A reciprocating saw! It’s not the type I wanted – I was looking to get one that could be used single handed, preferably battery operated – but there was a Father’s Day sale too good to pass up. It may be a long time before I can afford the one I want, so my little cheapy will do very well for now!

I cut these disks from some apple wood I trimmed last summer, so it’s had a year to season. I will be cutting more, keeping track of the different types of wood, little by little. Meanwhile, I will be sanding the pieces I’ve already cut. Some, I plan to do wood burning on. Some will have holes drilled into them, to string as pendants or ornaments. My older daughter wants to test out painting on them. I am also looking to sell them as blanks, for other crafters to use.

Every little bit I can put towards the roof replacement fund will help.

Apples is a very hard wood! Even with the reciprocating saw, it took a while to cut through the branches. I look forward to cutting some lilac I had pruned last year; it has really interesting purple rings in it. If I remember correctly when cutting it by hand, lilac is even harder than apple. I’ve got poplar as well – poplar is really soft – and of course, lots of maple and elm, which are sort of in-between. Of course, I’ve got willow and spruce, though I’m not sure I’ll use spruce for this.

In other news, following up on our gate vandalism soap opera, I got a phone call from the RCMP this morning.

There was a check waiting for me. For $200.


It was a check from the compensation committee, to pay for the vandalism to our gate.

Handily, it was at the RCMP office near where my daughter works, and not in the town my mother lives in, which is the one that covers our area. She had a shift today, so I could pick it up after dropping her off.

I had to laugh at the amount. My older brother has spent $150 on replacement hinges, alone (which I’ve now been able to pay him back for). He also had to buy a special drill bit that he needs for the job. Obviously, it doesn’t cover labour. Then there’s the money I had to spend on the chain we’re using now that the gate is broken, and the new locks I had to get.

I double checked, because we were wondering if the next court date is off, since our vandal is being made to pay compensation. It is still on, so we shall see what happens next.

While picking up the check, I was joking about the amount, and how much the damage has already cost, plus the problem of having to replace custom made hinges. The officer I spoke to turns out to be on the compensation committee, but he wasn’t there when the decision for this amount was made, so he didn’t know how they came up with the number. As I chatted with him, I mentioned catching our vandal on the trail cam. He was REALLY appreciative of that and waxed poetic about how much the police appreciate trail cams. Without them, they basically have no evidence for things break and enters, vandalism, etc. Especially out in the boonies, like us. Without the trail cam, even when I made reports about the previous vandalism. there was nothing they could do. Even though we knew who was doing it, we had no proof. Trail cams are relatively inexpensive, can be set up just about anywhere, and provide the hard evidence the police can actually use.

I’m really glad we got that thing. Who knows what we’d be dealing with in all this time, if we hadn’t been able to catch our vandal, red handed!

He is still denied access to us and the property, which means I can keep working on things like cleaning up the bush, and not worry about him showing up and yelling abuse at me again. Or if he does, I can call the police and it’ll be dealt with very differently than if this wasn’t already working its way through the court system.

Ah, fun times!

Still better then the crap we were dealing with in the housing co-op we moved away from. Things are just getting worse and worse, over there!

The Re-Farmer

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