Things that are, and are not

It’s been quite interesting, as I work around the yard, in areas I worked on last year, and seeing the differences.

One of the differences is, I am seeing all sorts of things popping up, in areas that used to be choked with years of dead grass, fallen branches and garbage, or hidden away by low hanging branches.

While mowing past the north side of the spruce grove, where I am now able to mow right up to the tree line, I was observing some of the wild roses I’d pruned down, but didn’t pull their roots, coming back up. For the most part, I will be leaving those. I also passed what looked for all the world like carrots, growing in the moss!

This is the largest of several I could see. I came back later and poked around the base, just to be sure.

No, they are not carrots.

I’m curious to find out what they turn out to be!

This evening, I went to check on a patch I avoided using the weed trimmer on, when I saw strawberry leaves.

They are now blooming!

Those broad leafed plants around them are all over the place. I have no idea if this is something my mom once planted that got away on her (like the Virginia creeper I just pulled another 30 feet or so of rhizomes up!), or if these spread naturally. I am pulling a lot of it up, where they are choking other flowers that are trying to come up, but there is so much of it, everywhere!

There are things blooming all over the yard right now! The apples are at the end of their blooming time, though some trees bloomed later than others. The Saskatoons are done and starting to show berries. The cherries are done, but the chokecherries are starting up. The regular lilacs are in full bloom right now, while the white lilacs are just starting to, and I can see on the other varieties of lilac, buds are really starting to come in. The honeysuckle is covered in just-about-to-open flowers. My mother’s white roses in front of the sun room have some open flowers already, with tonnes of buds. The others, further back, are getting there, too.

And this doesn’t even count the various flowers my mother planted all over that are starting to bloom!

We may not get any flowers on the mock orange that died off so much over the winter, but everywhere else, things are really doing well!

Among the other things that are doing well are the kittens. They are getting incredibly active and fast!

Too fast.

It’s gotten to the point that when I open the door from the old kitchen in the mornings, I’ve got half a dozen kittens running past my feet before I can even step into the sun room!

Then Beep Beep decided the doorway was a good place to plop down and groom herself. 😀

There are so many things they can hide behind in the old kitchen, I just leave the door open. After a while, when it’s noticed that they’ve made their way back to the sun room, someone will close it again (though there is usually a kitten or two to move, first!).

One problem with keeping the outside door to the sun room open, so the moms can get in and out.

These nasty buggers.

This is just a small number of them bashing themselves against the windows. There’s probably at least a hundred in there. I’d cleaned out so many dead ones last year.

At least they’re not going for the kittens. Horseflies have very painful bites!

The Re-Farmer

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