Kitten head count, and my turts

I just had to share some adorable kitten pictures I got today, while doing a head count to make sure they were all there.

They are all snoozy in these pictures, but they were wild beasts, this morning! LOL I tried to go into the sun room quickly, so as not to let any kittens into the old kitchen, but Beep Beep got in my way, slowing me down enough that one kitten snuck through while I was closing the door. I had to open it again to grab, but three more dashed in.

I gave up at that point.

Once in the old kitchen, they went nuts, climbing and running and jumping.

They look so calm and peaceful in the pictures below.

The pictures lie! LOL

Click on the pictures to see them full size.

While taking the pictures, I noticed the 2 kittens eyes were stuck shut again. 😦 I thought they were doing better for a while, but they’re still all leaky. So I came back with the supplies to wash them. I’d done it this morning, and found the top of our freezer is the perfect height to work on their eyes, so with the help of my daughter, we got Dave into the old kitchen to wash his eyes. Then I went to put Dave with his cousins and get Keith, but had to quickly hand him through the door to my daughter to take care of, because I was trapped by kittens already.

Especially Dave. Who wanted cuddles.

How could I say no to those sad, leaky, eyes surrounded by water flattened fur?

Dave is growing on us. Big time!

Beyond our kitten fix, it was a quiet Father’s Day, which we celebrated after my daughter got home from work. My daughter had a short shift, so I stayed in town. It’s a good time for me to recharge and relax, though depending on the weather, that often means parking different places, sitting in my van and playing Pokemon Go, under the watchful eyes of my turts.

I used to spend a lot of time in our van, before the move. In our previous van, I was able to cover most of the dash with self-adhesive pearls and beads, glow in the dark “rocks”, and lots and lots of little critters, held in place with Fun Tack. At Christmas, I added tiny trees with itsy bitsy LED lights in them. It was one of those things where people would do double takes and start smiling – or take photos as they drove past. 😀 I figured, if I was going to spend so much time in my van, it may as well be my happy place!

When we got this van, I tried to do the same, but the vinyl is different, and the adhesive wouldn’t stick as well. So I have a much smaller display.

I just love that bobble headed turtle, with the wiggly, wiggly legs.

The Re-Farmer

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