Long day and ready to crash!

I headed out with my daughter to drop her off for work earlier than usual. She was very kind enough to be willing to be stuck outside until someone with a key showed up (which, thankfully, did not turn out to be long) so that I could head over to another town almost an hour’s drive from her work. It was a court date for our vandal, this time in a town closer to us – though not with the extra driving this morning! *L*

Though this town is bigger, it’s not big enough to have a courthouse, but I did find out where it was being held – in the hall of a local organization! – and was able to find it easily enough.

Parking, on the other hand, was not so easy, what with a movie set being put together! Their equipment trucks took up most of the parking lot at the building court was being held in.

Yes. It was Christmas in June!

I took this picture shortly after the court session, and just before they were ready to film an actual scene; water was being sprayed on the road moments before filming started. I saw these same set decorations in this same location last year, so when I had the chance, I asked a store employee. Turns out it is a Hallmark movie, and they’ve filmed here 2 or 3 times that this person knew of.


As for the court session, I met my SIL there and we settled ourselves into a back row – only for 2 more rows of chairs set up behind us. The staff, lawyers, judge and the area for the defendant were all using folding tables.

When things started it went by really fast. The place was loud (people coming in and out through a door with very squeaky hinges was the worst). Our vandal was there and he studiously avoided looking at us. When his name came up, we could barely hear what was being said when the crown prosecutor responded “ongoing” and a new date was set for next month.

It was done in maybe 15 seconds.

After a while, my SIL and I snuck out in between files on the docket, trying to leave as quietly as possible – not that the door hinges would allow much of that.

It’s been ages since we’ve gotten together, just the two of us, so we went out for lunch (well… second breakfast, because we got out so quickly, lunch wasn’t being served yet!) and lingered to chat. I’m glad we both came for this, because otherwise it would have been a wasted trip! Instead, we got to spend time together while checking out the movie set and visiting different stores – including one that was part of the set, but still open while they set up.

It was a very enjoyable time together, but I keep forgetting how broken I am. Walking was fine, but wandering inside stores at a slower pace became very painful after a while! So I was more than happy with the long drive home that allowed my body to recover a bit.

Once home, I had enough time to finally paint the gates (after wiping the dust off with a cloth – at least I didn’t have to wash them again!) before heading off again to get my daughter from work.

The one on the right got its first coat of paint on the first side, while the one on the left got its second coat on the first side. I did actually do a second coat on one side of that one, but I’ve lost track of which side that was, so one of them is going to have a third coat. 😀

I really love that colour!

Getting the painting done was pretty “fun”. I was still already hurting somewhat from earlier; bending to paint wasn’t helping any! It was also hot enough, I had to watch I didn’t drip sweat into the wet paint!

I ran out of paint thinner to clean my brush, so I left early to get my daughter so I could stop at the hardware store to get more, then finished cleaning it after we got back. Since I was running that errand, anyhow, I remembered to pick up more oil for the riding mower. It doesn’t burn oil as much as the snow blower, but it does go through it pretty fast!

I did my evening rounds and chores early, because I just wanted to crash after supper. While walking through the maple grove, I had lots of company – Doom Guy, Beep Beep and Butterscotch, all decided to follow me, meowing for attention!

I had to pause to get a picture of this dying willow.

This is the smaller of the two willows in the maple grove, and it is mostly dead. But willows, being willows, are determined to survive some how, with this one sending fresh green shoots out of where dead sections had already been cut away!

Pretty amazing.

It was my turn to do the evening cat stuff today. With the kittens getting into the old kitchen so quickly, I’ve started to go to the sun room from outside, instead.

The kittens were quite happy to see legs to climb!

After my mother’s visit, I had put my late father’s walker into the sun room, unable to get it back into the old kitchen, due to kittens. The kittens have discovered the basket under the seat and have been using it as a bed!

These two were more than happy to ignore me and cuddle!

Until I came back to wash the eyes of the two kittens. That got their attention! I ended up having to do the eye washing while standing, which meant I had kittens trying to climb both my legs at once! My older daughter finally had to come and rescue me, distracting them while I finished with the eye washing.

I decided to treat the cats with some wet cat food today, and wanted to take the tray that I’ve been using for that.

Beep Beep had other ideas.

What was also funny is Dave, one of the kittens with the messed up eyes; you can see him on the other side of Butterscotch, as she drinks water.

He is nursing while she’s doing that!

The mamas are so tolerant of having kittens trying to dangle off them while they do other things. 😀

I’m so glad those two were just absorbed into the giant litter, and both moms have no problem caring for them, too.

I finally got the tray and brought it back with a couple of cans of cat food spread out on it.

Even Doom Guy got some!

Aside from the one orange kitten on the right, who was apparently not at all hungry, all of the kittens got wet cat food. Even with the adult cats scarfing it down as fast as they could! *L*

Once Doom Guy was done, I could put him outside and close up the sun room for the night – and with the cats all busy eating, I could finally get back into the house through the old kitchen!

Once the kittens had their supper, I finally got to go and have a delicious supper my older daughter prepared while I was out gallivanting. She’s so awesome! 😀

And now, it’s time for me to do that crashing I was talking about. It’s still early, but my bed calls to me!

Have a good night!

The Re-Farmer

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