Looking good

It’s been a busy few days of out-and-abouting, but today I hope to get actual manual labour done in the yard.

While also being careful of my broken toe, of course.


Yesterday, my older daughter and I got glamour shots of the kittens, to use in our attempts to adopt them out. We got a bunch of photos, uploaded them, went out to retake some for a couple of kittens, uploaded them, looked them all over again.

And again.

And again.

Went back out to track down the kitten we missed. 😀

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Critter of the Day: comfortable

This is another from the beginning of June.

There’s Bobby, getting all… comfortable… on the stone cross.

So funny, seeing his elbows sticking out like that. You can’t see it in the photo, but one of his back legs is just dangling down. 😀

Taking a closer took at this photo, I can see that one eye is still slightly wonky. Not as much as when he was a kitten, which is good. He doesn’t need to bob his head back and forth to see, like he used to. It certainly doesn’t slow him down!

Bonus Critters: big shaggy babies

On my way home from town this morning, I saw the bison were usually close to the road, so I just had to stop and get pictures!

To the left of the above photo, you can just see one of this year’s babies, lying in the grass. The larger bison lying near it would be one of last year’s babies.

One of this year’s babies is visible in the middle, to the left of the fence post, in this photo.

For such big babies, it’s hard to get pictures of them! 😀 There are about 5 bison babies that we can see, this year.

These shaggy lumpens must be so hot, with the weather we’ve been having!

Critter of the Day: napping

It got really windy yesterday evening, so I decided to see if anything was being affected.

Yes, I know – I’m supposed to stay off my feet. After a while, though, certain areas of the anatomy start going numb, and I just needed to move around!

Aside from one of the garage doors being blown open, and the usual stuff in the pile of junk near the barn making noise in the wind, things were looking pretty good.

Including this adorable surprise.

I found a napping Nicky the Nose!

With the wind making so much noise in the trees, he couldn’t hear me coming closer.

I got within about 6 ft of him – probably the closest any of us has ever gotten to him! – before he heard me.

He was not impressed, and ran off moments after this photo was taken. 😀

Of all the visiting toms, Nicky is becoming the most dominant and aggressive. Only towards the other toms, though. He seems to be leaving the kittens and the males that actually live here, alone.

He’s also really, really loud, while asserting that dominance!! 😀

More growing things

While investigating the sounds of the visiting toms asserting their dominance this morning, another noise caught my attention.

A deep, continuous buzzing noise.

This is the linden tree, looking slightly paler than usual. That is because the upper branches are blooming, and there are so many flowers, you can see them more than the leaves. Pollinators love linden blossoms and, even from the ground, I could see constant movement of little black dots of insects. I tried to take some video, hoping to capture the sound, but there was too much wind. The digital zoom didn’t do well in capturing the insects, though when I uploaded it and tried watching it on the big screen, I realized I’d caught at least 2, maybe 3, hummingbirds!

Lower down, there are almost no blossoms at all. If we wanted to harvest the flowers, we would probably need a step ladder taller than what we’ve got and, frankly, it wouldn’t be safe to do it.

Ah, well.

Since I’m supposed to stay off my feet to let my toe heal (I’m not very good at that!), my daughters did the rest of the rounds for me. They found me a little present.

Our first ripe raspberries! 😀

They’d eaten some and brought some for me. The few raspberry bushes we have, have not grown well this year even though I did try to keep them watered as much as I could. Being shaded by an apple and a chokecherry tree isn’t helping either; they should be getting a lot more sun to produce well. I don’t expect to be getting more than a small handful at a time.

Even a little bit is nice, though. 🙂

The Re-Farmer

Critter(s) of the Day: roly poly

A couple of photos of our racoon visitors from the beginning of June. My husband was the only one up early enough to get these! Our previous photos posted where taken with his phone. These were taken using the DSLR we keep set up in our living room.

They are so round and fluffy looking! 😀

If these two have come back, it hasn’t been at a time anyone was around to see them.

Time to put my feet up

Today, my husband finally had his appointment in at the heart clinic in the city. It was in the afternoon, but they say to come in 45 minutes early. We figured out when we would have to leave to make it with plenty of time, then left a half hour earlier than that, for time to pick up gas along the way.

It was a very good thing we did!

Not long after we left the town we fueled up in, we drove right into a downpour.

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