Not too bad…

After all the storm warning and tornado watches, things weren’t too bad out here. The only real casualty was the one piece of maple that came down in the winds.

It was quite a large piece that my daughter and I had to cut apart to move.

I was able to get a bitter picture this morning, of where it fell from.

Interestingly, the dead branch under it is still there!

Things got really calm after that. I was able to get some pictures of this double rainbow when checking things out. To the south of us, I could see rain was coming down hard, but it bypassed us. Likewise, some storms to the north missed us as well. We barely even got rain!

I am pleased not to have gotten the golf ball sized hail some places got, but more rain would have been nice!

While there were downpours and hail in various places, no funnel clouds were spotted. Another thing to be grateful for. 🙂

Things have cooled down and would be perfect to work outside, except I still have to give the foot I dislocated a toe on, time to heal. What a pain. Both physically and metaphorically!

After talking it over with my husband, we decided to go ahead and get the tire on the van replaced now. I called the garage and they ordered a tire in, so I’ll be heading over in the afternoon to get it installed and balanced. My mother’s car will have to wait until next pay to get checked out. I’ll just have to remember to bring a little stool for my mother to use to get into the van when I take her to her medical appointment.

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