Critter(s) of the Day: making up for yesterday

I missed posting completely yesterday; not even a critter of the day picture – so I will make up for that today!

With kittens.

Because kittens are awesome.

Yesterday, my friend and I took Dave out to visit his cousins and adoptive moms, and found this bunch, sprawled in the shade of a rose bush. 😀 Beep Beep using one of her babies as a pillow is just the cutest!

They are really going to miss my friend when she leaves. 😀

Some of the kittens discovered that the apple trees in the old kitchen garden are not the only trees they can climb!

Mighty babies!

While they were running up and down the trunk, something in a branch caught my eye. It took a lot of staring to figure out what I was seeing through the leaves and twigs.

It was a very, very quiet mama bird and her babies! The mama saw those kittens running around, and was doing a great job of keeping her chicks quiet.

That was yesterday. These next ones are from this morning.

Dave came over to give me cuddles this morning. Still tuckered out from all the running around with his brother and cousins, yesterday!

Later on, I got a good look at Dave’s eyes. They’ve been clearing up really well, but where still looking wonky. We weren’t sure if his eyes were just stuck on the outsides, or if they were permanently wonky (kinda like non-Slick’s eyes). I’m happy to say that, this morning, I could actually see more of his eyeballs; his eyes have been able to finally open wider. How much more he’ll be able to do so, it’s too early to say, but it does seem to confirm that the wonkiness of his eyes was at least mostly from them being stuck, in spite of all our careful washing all this time.

This little guy came running as soon as he saw my daughter step outside. He was purring before he even reached her.

What a beautiful cat!

The Re-Farmer

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