A beachy morning

Today was one of those days when I was able to visit the beach after dropping my daughter off at work.

This time, twice!

I got these shots this morning.

My beach visits are a multitasking thing. They are 1 part enjoying the scenic views and getting pictures, 1 part playing Pokemon Go and 1 part looking for interesting things washed up on the shore.

I look for interesting rocks for myself, and interesting everything else for my older daughter.

Especially bones.

This morning, I found so many!!

Some of those bones, we have no idea what they are. One looks like a large jaw bone, though it’s so worn, it’s hard to say. Another looks like it might be part of a skull! (The full skull I found last time, unfortunately, had to be tossed. It could not be cleaned thoroughly.) And what is that big thing at the top? This lake has some very large fish. Even sturgeon. I can’t even say it’s from a fish, though.

As for the rocks, this one got me really excited.

Yes, it’s an identifiable fossil! I’m pretty sure some other rocks I’ve seen have fossils in them (we live on what used to be a giant glacial lake, so fossils are common all over), but they are typically so worn from wave action, I can’t say for sure. I’m just thrilled to find one that isn’t too worn away.

Part of the reason I was able to stay in town longer was because I was picking up prescription refills for my husband. While talking to the pharmacist about the refills and the new dosages on some of them, the pharmacist offered getting most of his meds in pre-filled blister packs. They could even do them right away, with the meds my husband has right now, if I came back with them.

So after talking to my husband about it, he was cool with the idea and back to town I went. After dropping them off, I was able to go to a different area of the lake (and drop some Pokemon into a couple of gyms… *L*), where there is a small cove.

It’s a bit hard to tell in the photo, but the colour of the water is very different.

This is why.

It’s full of blue green algae. There is something about this little cove that just sort of accumulated whatever is in the water. Blue green algae is a real problem in the lake, and has been for a very long time. Some algae blooms can been seen in satellite images, which makes for an amazing visual for the scope of the problem. Part of the problem is that the lake is down stream from two cities, and one of them dumps raw sewage into one of the rivers. Out of sight, out of mind. The city folk who have cottages out here understand the problem, but most just don’t think about it, or even know about it. For others, they’d much rather lay blame on farmers. The watershed for this lake is massive. It includes at least part of 4 provinces and 2 states. So things that happen over a thousand kilometers away will eventually make its way to the lake. For that, at least, there is the natural filtration of the ancient lake bed, with layers of sand and gravel, as well as limestone layers that create artesian wells of clean, cold water. In fact, right at the marina there is an artesian well fountain for public drinking water (including a bowl for pets!) that is pure and clean – just meters away from the murky lake!

All of this makes for a very complex problem, and limited actions that can be taken. Sewage treatment is one of the easiest and most obvious ones, but no one wants to foot the bill. 😦

Meanwhile, anyone living on any of the downstream lakes (and there are lots of them) have to put up with stuff like this. 😦

The Re-Farmer

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