Things have been pretty hectic, the past couple of days. First, with our trip to the city hospital for the angiogram, which went very well (and my husband is recovering very well, too, though he’s still not supposed to lift anything heavier than 5 pounds for a while longer), then we took advantage of what seems like will be our last day of warm weather for the rest of the year, and got stuff done outside.

Which means I have lots of photos to up load and several posts to write.

I have not, however, been able to upload photos. For some reason, my uploads are failing, and I’ve been trying repeatedly, for hours. One two different accounts and two different browsers.

I can’t eve blame it on our internet connection, which seems to be fine. It may be a WordPress issue. I can’t tell.

Meanwhile, the severe weather predicted has been increasing in severeness, and the timeline has been shortening. We went from predictions of snow tomorrow (Thursday), to snow starting tonight and blizzard conditions for Friday and Saturday, to getting weather alerts right now saying to expect up to 25cm (almost 10 inches) of snow tonight. However, when I look at the local forecasts, it says to expect 3cm tonight and up to 4cm tomorrow, with a mix of rain and snow.

One thing is for sure, we’ve got the winds!! As I’ve looked out my office window throughout the day, I’ve been watching the maples getting stripped of their leaves.

Whatever snow we do get, if any, it’s still early enough that we could expect it go be gone soon. I certainly hope so, because I still need to get some straw to cover our septic tank before it freezes. Technically, for the type of tank we have, it isn’t necessary, but I’m not about to take any chances! At least we got it emptied yesterday, so we’re set for another 6 months.

So if posts are a bit light over the next while, it’s because I still can’t upload my photos, or the weather has kicked out our internet! I’ll just have a lot of posts to make up for it, when I’m able. 🙂

Wherever you are, I hope you’ve got better conditions than we do right now! 🙂

The Re-Farmer

2 thoughts on “Stalled

  1. Be careful if you have to be driving to town! Our weather is finally going to be coldish this weekend 32 degrees for a high, but nothing like yours with all the snow! At least if we got 10inches I could stay home, but with managing the condos I see snow way different then I used to 🙂

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    • I just got back from driving my daughter to work. When we left, there was a bit of frozen rain. It was starting to snow by the time we got to town, but still a mix of rain and snow. I stopped at the lake and got some images of the waves. In the time it took me to get from there to the gas station, it was snowing hard. It’s blowing in from the West, so I was driving right into the teeth of it as I went home!

      I’m still not able to upload images well; it’s sporadic. I’m hoping I can upload a video of the lake to YouTube (if the internet hangs in!), and I can at least embed that.

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