Certified Nut Free!

Today was the day.

Dah Boys gave up dah boys.

Not these guys, though.

Morning visitors.

Nope; it was time for Cheddar and David to head back to the vet.

When we had to reschedule David and Cheddar’s trip to the vet, today was an open day.

That didn’t last long.

I got a call from my mother, saying she had a doctor’s appointment in the late morning. Plus, my husband called in his prescriptions, which now come in blister packs for a 1 month supply. Because of the pain killers he’s on, they can only be filled pretty much when his supply runs out, so while he called it in almost a week ago, they wouldn’t be ready until today.

Which meant my planned day went from “take the cats to the vet in town” to something much more complex!

The plan was, using my Mom’s car, go to town to drop the cats off for 9am (a 15-20 minute drive), then go to my Mom’s town (about half an hour’s drive), then take her to her medical appointment (another 20 minute drive or so), then drive her back to her home ( another 20 minutes, unless she wanted to stop for lunch or something), then quickly swing by our home (20-25 minutes away) to pick up a daughter and switch vehicles, go back to town (15-20 minutes again), pick up prescriptions, pick up cats, then home again.

As long as nothing got weird, everything would have timed out perfectly, one right after the other.

Of course, that’s not how it worked, but not in a bad way, at least.

It turned out my mother’s appointment was yesterday. She was positive it was today! But that was okay. It was booked with a doctor in the clinic she is not as comfortable with, so I booked her for next week with her new doctor.

At the same time, I booked a joint appointment for myself and my husband with a new doctor, since our current one is leaving the province soon. Of the 4 names I was given last time, we could find information online about only 2 of them. Of the remaining two, one is someone I’ve already seen, so that wasn’t an issue. Of the two we found info on, we are going with the one that is also a psychologist and, from what I’ve read, I’m hoping he is more holistic in his approach, and not a pill pusher! We shall see. It’s going to suck to have to drive so far (it’ll be a 40 minute drive, on good road conditions) for basic appointments, but we don’t have much choice. At least we can still go to the closer town to get lab work done.

My mother and I had arrived a bit early, and by the time I got the new appointments made and drove her home, it was shortly after the time she thought her appointment was booked!

Which meant I got to go home and recharge a bit before my daughter and I headed into town.

While I was gone, the vet clinic had called our land line to let us know the procedure was done, all went well and they were in recovery. When we got there, we were told that Dave had started licking his wound, so he got put into a cone.

Poor Dave!

We also got certified proof that the deed was done, which I found hilarious. When we had Dah Boy done before we moved, we got nothing like that. He was just in, out and done.

The boys got tattoos as part of the service, too. Something else we’ve never had done before.

We were given some instructions, paid the bill and headed home.

Which is where I must pause to acknowledge and thank my dear friend for a very generous financial contribution that allowed us to do both boys together. I really, really appreciate the gift. ❤ You know who you are, and you are awesome!!! ❤

One of the things we were told was to give them only a small amount of food at first.

Hungry boy!

With the cone we discovered that, of the 10 bowls we have for our 5 cats (half for dry kibble, half for wet food), he could only eat out of the 2 glass ones. Even then, my daughter ended up having to hold the bowl, because he kept pushing it forward with the cone!

Cheddar, being the beast that he is, tried to push his way into the same bowl Dave was eating out of, even though he had 4 others to choose from! Dave has quickly learned that he can use the cone as a battering ram to push him away.

Meanwhile, he keeps running into things with it, and keeps trying to get under the couch or under beds, but can no longer fit! He’ll walk by a chair and hit a leg with the cone, or get caught on doorways as he walks through them. 😀

Rest and recovery time!

He’s supposed to wear it for 7-10 days, but we were told we could try taking it off after 4. If he tries to lick his wound again, we need to put it back on.

I strongly suspect we’ll be able to keep it off, but it’s hard to say right now.

It should be interesting to see how they do tonight. Hopefully, they’ll still be a bit groggy from the meds, and won’t be tearing through the house as 2am, as they often do!

So glad to have this finally done!

The Re-Farmer

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