“I didn’t do it”

So… the outside cats didn’t need much feeding this morning.

This is how I found things when I came in.

How none of that fell into the litter pans, I have no idea!

Also, we had company while I was cleaning up.

Could this be our culprit?

Not likely. My bets are on Beep Beep. She’s all over the bin when I come in, and once it’s open, she’ll jump right in and start eating! The little stinker, meanwhile, may have been in the sun room all night, for all I know, and was content to stay behind the swing bench while I worked, though he disappeared at some point while I was going in and out, leaving the doors wide open.

Thankfully, the bin of kibble was not very full. I was able to salvage some to put back in and to top up the food containers, then just swept the rest into a pile. Which Beep Beep dove into, as if she were starving! While I was trying to scoop up the kibble, Beep Beep ignored the full food bowls and was desperately scarfing down the kibble on the floor, as if trying to eat as much as possible before I took it all away. You’d never know she had access to a bin of food all night!

After cleaning up the spilled kibble, I got the deer feed, hatchet and a jug of water to the feeding station. Once the feed was out, I chopped some of the ice out of the bird bath so I could add warm water.

Of course, as soon as I started chopping at the ice, I had cats jumping onto the bird bath, trying to see what I was doing!

Not the smartest of kitties!

I convinced them to wait until I was done, though one point, I had a cat climbing up my back, too! When I started pouring in the water, I had three of them, diving right in to play with it!

My next job was to fix up the wind damage to the cat shelter we rigged up. One side of the tarp wrapped around the shelf had come loose, so I broke out the staple gun and worked on attaching it more securely than before. I ran out of staples part way through, so I went in to get more. When I came out, I found this.

That tarp is not going to last long! LOL

With the piece of rigid insulation I had used to created a “wall” on one side blowing away, I dragged out the thick sheet of plastic that I’d used to put under the old dog house when I’d cleaned under it the previous year. It’s quite heavy, so it’s not going to end up in any trees! With that, combined with the sheet of insulation my daughters retrieved from the tree, it should be more secure.

All of this is very temporary; just for this winter, so I’m not too concerned about it. As long as the critters have access to a bit more shelter this winter, it’s all good.

The Re-Farmer

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