Found the spot

It’s been a busy couple of days, and any time I’ve gone to town during daylight, I’ve been trying to spot where I went through the ditch. I only had a vague idea of where it was, since I was a little too distracted to notice landmarks or anything. 😉

It was the only area with tire tracks through the ditch, so when I did spot some, I knew it had to be ours.

I found more things to be thankful for and surprised about.

One was the location. It was farther away than I thought it was. I was able to drive quite far before that tire went completely flat!

The other was the ditch itself. I was heading towards a marshier area, and the ditch on that side of the road became wider and shallower, instead of being the deep V earlier in my drive, or farther down the road, past the marshy area. Another reason I was able to get out of the ditch at all!

Also, what I had thought was fence posts in my headlights, wasn’t.

They were trees.

On my way back from driving my daughter to work, I stopped to take pictures.

That ditch is downright shallow in this location!

In the distance, you can see an opening in the trees where the marshy area is. That’s where we’ve seen a bald eagle a few times. It and some crows were scavenging something in the ditch. In that location, it’s deep enough that whatever they were scavenging was completely hidden in the depths of the marsh. So while the ditch may be shallow here, it gets deeper where the reeds are marsh grasses are.

The slope I drove up to get out of the ditch looks downright gentle, here!

How on earth did I not hit that tree that I thought was a fence post? The tire tracks almost touch it!

Beyond this point, I could see the tracks continue for a while as I had fought to get the car under full control and back in my lane, and I could see I came quite close to hitting the ditch again at one point.

The spot the deer had crossed would have been a fair bit back. I am estimating not far after I’d passed a driveway to a highway department gravel yard. That driveway is almost like a border for where the ditch shape changes from the deep and steep V, to what you can see in these photos.

So many things came together for us to be safe that night!


Yesterday, when the girls and I headed into the city for our last shopping trip before Christmas, I made a point of stopping at the garage to pay the bill and get the key. They had repaired that broken wheel stud for me, as well as the alignment, and everything together came out to just over $250. Which is much better than if there had been more damage, and we’d had to pay the $500 deductible!

Today, after dropping my daughter off at work, I went hunting through some different stores before finding one that sold deer screamers. I bought two pairs. We had a pair on our van, but the foam adhesive tore off one of them, so there’s just one right now.

The other pair is for my Mom’s car, when I pick it up tomorrow!

The Re-Farmer

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