Fantastic news! also… what?

First things first, I got fantastic news this morning!

I came in from doing my morning rounds to find my husband on the phone; the garage had called about my mom’s car.

There is no damage.


Not even the flat tire!

They pumped it up and checked it, and there’s not even a leak. It looks like the seal got broken at the rim and the air just leaked out. The tire and rim are just fine.

He did suggest an alignment, considering what happened, which I was planning to ask for already. They were already putting the tire back while he was talking to me, so the alignment is all that will need to get done.

Now I have to figure out when I can come pick it up with a second driver. :-/ He said there was no hurry on that. They’ll have it ready and waiting for me whenever I can.

So that is a HUGE relief!

Then there was the weird thing.

I’d gone out to do my rounds later, since I didn’t have to get it done before driving anyone anywhere. There was daylight, and everything! 😉

On checking the files later on, I found this.

Usually, when vehicles drive by, I tend to see just their tail ends. This car, however, slowed down while passing our driveway, so I actually got to see it disappear off frame.

Then a few seconds later, I watched it backing up.

This car just sat near the end of our driveway. That’s another person in the back window, and I could see the driver gesturing towards something down the driveway, and all these heads bobbling about as they looked. The next file showed the tail end of the car as it was leaving, so it had sat there for a minute, minute and a half.

The car looks familiar, but it’s so generic, I can’t say for sure if I recognize it.

Calculating based on the time stamp showing when I go by, just before changing the memory card, this happened while I was still in the sun room, feeding the cats, putting things back around the shelter we built outside the sun room that yesterday’s high winds had blown around, and getting food for the birds and deer. By the time I was out with the bucked of feed for the deer and birds, the car would have been gone, so I never saw or heard anything.

I have no idea what to think of this. Under normal circumstances, I would never think anything nefarious, but with our vandalism situation, and the complicated circumstances surrounding it, I just don’t know what to think.

It’s just weird. And rather creepy.

But not enough to take away from me feeling good about our wonderful news this morning. 🙂

The Re-Farmer

7 thoughts on “Fantastic news! also… what?

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  2. That is great news about the car. 🙂

    I suspect those folks either saw some wildlife that you didn’t or were just sightseeing (so to speak). Anybody up to anything nefarious is *typically* (not always) more subtle than that. This coming from the most paranoid neighborhood watch block captain you’ll meet, lol.

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