A pleasant surprise

Today, I will be driving my mom’s car around for the first time since it’s been repaired. When I had the chance to take a look at the tires in the sunlight, I found a pleasant surprise.

The rear brakes were replaced, and this is what it looked like before.

All four wheels looked like this. Note the condition of the disk.

This next photo is the same wheel.

Look how clean and shiny and smooth that disk is!

The pleasant surprise is this.

My phone focused on the outside, but you can still tell that the disk is all shiny and smooth, too.

This is a front tire.

Even though the front brakes were not done, he still cleaned up all the disks. Which means less wear and tear on the brake pads. Which means the front brakes will last longer.

He did not charge for the extra time it would have taken to do this.

I’ve taken it out for just a trip to the post office so far, but will be driving to my Mom’s soon, to help her with errands. With the serpentine belt and 3 pulleys changed out, plus all 4 tires, plus the brakes, it’s like driving a completely different car. It sounds – and feels – completely different. Especially on the gravel roads!

I suddenly don’t know what’s normal anymore. 😀

The Re-Farmer

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