Spiky guests, and not quite done with the car thing…

First up, I just wanted to share one of the photos I managed to get yesterday evening. The two bucks I saw in the trail cam finally came by when we were there to see them, and get photos!

Still too dark to use the DSLR on its tripod, with the lens I have on it (any attempt to change lenses would have scared them off) and they were so skittish, I had to be careful just to get some shots with my phone.

We could also finally see them well enough to confirm that one is 4 points, the other 5.

In this photo, you can also see one of 3 does that were there as well. Two of them were in the spruces as I took this image.

Our first winter here, we had up to 7 deer showing up at the same time. We have yet to get that many at once (at least while we’re there to see them), since.


After dropping my daughter off at work, I swung by the garage to book a date and time to get the brakes done on our van. He’s also going to look up a couple of things for me, and give me estimates; one is to fix our lift gate (we currently have to prop it up with a pole, because otherwise it’ll just drop), and the other is to find out what it would take to keep our driver’s side door hinge from dropping. When we first got the vehicle, it was a lot worse, eventually breaking the latch piece in the door that hooked onto the frame. Until my brother was able to cobble together parts of the old door into one he found at a junk yard, I was driving with a bungee cord keeping my door closed. I do NOT want that to happen again, so I’m hoping it will just be a simple fix. He will get back to me on those. Until then, I am now booked to have the brakes done a couple of days before I have to drive my husband to the city for an appointment with the heart clinic, and before we do our monthly shopping for March.

Then I asked him about my mother’s car.

I didn’t mention it in my previous post, because I wasn’t quite sure what to say, yet. When driving my mother’s car, I was hearing a high pitched sort of whining noise that started only while the car was moving, and changed pitch and volume with changes in speed. I at first thought it was coming from the front end.

Then it got warm enough that I took off my ear flap hat.

It turns out the sound is coming from the rear. Possibly the passenger side.

I asked my daughter if she’d heard anything while driving the car home, but she said it was all quite during that drive.

I described the noise to the mechanic. He thought about it for a bit and mentioned some possible causes. It might simply be new noises from having the rear brakes and caliper done, and it will go away after it’s been driven a while.

He also told me that he had actually ordered a pair of calipers for the car, as it’s better to replace both at the same time. When he went to change the one that wasn’t completely seized, he found that the new part was defective. So he cleaned up the old one as best he could and put it back. He thought it might be possible that it’s coming from there. That’s on the driver’s side, though.

For now, he said to keep an ear on the sound as I drive it until it’s time to get the tires torqued. If it doesn’t go away on its own by then, he will check it and see what he can find. There was nothing that else he could think of that might be causing the noise. Given the work he did under there, he would have seen anything obvious.

So I’ll just have to go out of my way to drive my Mom’s car over the next while. It’s supposed to warm up again in a few days. Maybe that will make a difference, too.


The Re-Farmer

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